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I'm also stuck at 95%. Event viewer shows lots of service errors as well.

Do we really have to manually update or will this be fixed eventually?
In spite of some comments here that say you have to manually update to resolve this issue, No, you may not have to. I recommend you try first to clear any corrupted downloads by using your PC to do a Disc Cleanup, followed by clearing your browser cache. Both these procedures are simple and you should be able to do this. This is an often run need (normal maintenance) for all Windows PCs. Then try the Windows Update again from your Update and Security setting. If you can't resolve the issue on your own PC, THEN reach out to Microsoft's Windows Catalog and manually download and run the update installer. Even then, you may find you will have to clear corrupted files again. My guess is once will be enough because I think this update contains too many "fixes" at one time. Some, but not all will install. Once you clear the stalled update data, you should be able to eventually get the update to run as it should.