As I understand it, with the new anniversary update after 10 days one will get disk space back relating to Windows.old being deleted automatically (if PC is left idle for a while).

i also believe that if a PC upgrades to Windows 10 then the new anniversary update wouldn't be offered until 30 days have elapsed. However with the aforementioned change to 10 days for rolling back the anniversary update I wonder if that now also rings true for previous 10586/TH2 build? We got a new mini PC approx 10 days ago, Windows 10 was pre installed but it was a really old build, pre 10586/TH2. I checked for updates and it immediately set about updating to last novembers 10586. However I am now confused as to whether I need to wait 10 days or 30 days for Windows update to offer it the new Anniversary update. I am totally happy to wait for Windows update to do its thing rather than use MCT etc, just curious about the timescales involved given MS has changed from 30 to 10 on the latest version

cheers, Wayne