I was asked to download update, using win 10. Did that. everything worked fine. MS pass word worked fine. Went to go off line, close edge and it refused to close. Left computer on for hours, went back pressed on key, still the same problem. so I turned off the computer manually. Went back on, black screen, then purple screen, then it booted up. tried to enter password for ms, said it was invalid. I have had this problem prior to upload, have never been able to fix it. I want to go in w/ password so I can use the ms apps. Have been asked to reset password 5 times, still the same problem. After this download, finding the same problem, I came here instead before I go through the same repetitive actions over and over, to try to solve this problem. how do I find accounts in win 10 so I can find out how to fix the continuous password invalidation problem.