Hi All,

Having an issue updating a laptop. this is a laptop loaded with a custom image which i deploy via SCCM. The image is currently on build 1511, so the update im doing is from 1511 to 1607.

The way im updating, is using the Windows 10 update tool:

Before i go on to explain, i should tell you, i can re-image and replicate this issue over and over, so its probably an issue somewhere down the line with the the image, but the update tool for some reason still mentions the laptop is ready for the upgrade. (oh and the image, that i know of to date, has no issue, and all prior windows updates are applied)

The Issue:
I download the aforementioned tool, it goes through its motions of advising whether my laptop is compatible, once it decides its fine it downloads the update (normal behavior). It then proceed to prompt me my laptop will restart in order to install the upgrade. No issue there, it press "Restart"and it goes through the motion of installing it.
It all goes well, rebooting a few times (again, normal behavior) HOWEVER, once it reaches 99% (every time) it reboots and then gets stuck in a loop.
UEFI --> Windows boot ( so this screen http://i.stack.imgur.com/hvUhO.png)--> Reboot --> UEFI --> Windows Manager --> Reboot etc etc etc......loop loop loop
It does this eternally (or at least, my patience was limited to 3 hours)
As i said before, i can then reimage my machine via a PXE boot, and apply the upgrade again and the SAME thing happens. At the SAME percent (damn that last 1% seemingly crucial boot file!).

TS Tried:
disabled secure boot
attempted to boot from UEFI and Uefi/Legacy bios mode
Tried Windows repair media ( each time, it was not able to be rapaired)
Also tried manually repairing boot files from the CMD using the repair media.

I could i suppose install a fresh build, but thats not the point. I need this in place upgrade method to work.

Anybody got any ideas? Tried contacting Microsoft and quit after their support agent asked me if they could remote into it to assist me.

P.S Model is Lenovo t460s,