Who all has and has not received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update yet  

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    Who all has and has not received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update yet

    Who all has and hasn't received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update yet?

    I still haven't received the Anniversary Update yet on 2 of my computers. I don't want to download it from the internet again like I did on my Desktop and my personal Laptop since the update was or is still buggy.

    P.S. @Brink, if you need to move this thread to the appropriate section, please go ahead. I didn't know where to put it at.
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    I posted in another thread that I have not received the Anniversary Update on all four of my computers. One of them just checked for updates and again came back without it. I have had no problems with updates on any of the computers so unless I know for a fact that there is a problem I am going to wait it out.

    MS said the update is rolling out in waves and it could take some time until everyone gets it.
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    I had one PC do it automatically via Windows update, and one I just did it manually. I got tiered of waiting for it to happen. I don't think my wife's laptop has updated yet. I'm not sure if she would know the difference? She only ever does Facebook lol.
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    Nothing for me through WU, IMO they shouldn't be pushing anything out just yet, there are too many small issues and for some users there are very large issues.

    I have a desktop (W10 Home) two laptops (W10 Pro) none are left on all the time, I went to Settings > Update and security > Learn more, that brings up a browser window from MS https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...setting_client with a button to "Get the Anniversary Update Now"

    My wife told me about that page, she clicked on the learn more button to learn more. I went there with the oldest of my laptops, a Dell Latitude E6400 I bought refurbished with Win7 Pro. Took a couple hours total, including download (I have an 18M connection, W10 4G iso takes around 20 minutes) Only problem I've noticed so far is my email, Yahoo webmail through ATT, is set to basic and cannot be changed. I may revert back to 1511 on that one, I've read instead of 30 days to go back to the previous OS for the initial W10 install, the upgrade to 1607 only allows for 10 days to go back to the previous build.

    I did download an iso using method #1 from here https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/9...-download.html I have two W10 Home and three W10 Pro computers, I wasn't going to download the upgrade on each one. The iso download is the DISM and covers both Home and Pro editions, all five of my devices (two are my wife's laptops) are x64 so one iso covers all my boxes.
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    alphanumeric said:
    I had one PC do it automatically via Windows update, and one I just did it manually. I got tiered of waiting for it to happen. I don't think my wife's laptop has updated yet. I'm not sure if she would know the difference? She only ever does Facebook lol.
    The same with me. I did one through WU and the rest manually. Some people have had problems, but I don't see any difference between the one through WU and the ones I did manually. I did do a clean install on one OS and while it seems to be better than the others, I haven't installed near as many programs as I have on the others.
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    None of mine updated automatically. I did the manual update on an HP Pavilion and an entry level ASUS laptop and all is well. Wife uses mostly a GW ZX6800 AIW and that one failed to install with get AU update now. AU got to around 60% and on one of the restarts it just went to black screen for hours and then reverted to prior build. This happened twice using update advisor. Edit - Downloaded the iso and used it to update my ZX6800 and it worked.
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    This update is just fine. I had no issues but I went about the process correctly and didn't attempt the routes that have proven to be buggy. A true clean install with a bootable usb will ensure you won't have issues. Take precautions and all will be well. Just like any device whether its a iPhone, pc, android, windows phone. When new software comes out you only hear about the problems some people have had. Like John Doe tries to upgrade his Windows 7 PC to windows 10 1607 and it fails. So he makes a thread asking what to do. You don't see people make threads about how they upgraded to windows 10 without problems. Make sense. What I mean is if 10,000 people upgrade successfully and than 100 people have issues. Doesn't mean its buggy. The odds are still heavily in favor of not having issues. With that said I'm gonna post tips to get this done easily without issues. A few different ways to go about it.

    1. I wanted to upgrade before the 2nd but I also knew that it was a slow roll out. Everyone was not going to get the update on day 1. We know this. I opted into the Insider Program and than downloaded the ISO of the pre-release. I didn't have to but these little things make life easier to avoid problems.

    2. I backed up everything to the cloud.

    3. I made sure all drivers were updated anyway, especially BIOS. My BIOS was in fact out of date and I had no idea. I deleted all temp files along with stock disk cleanup and wise cleaner. I deleted everything I backed up to the cloud. The less on the HDD the better. Faster install makes it easier to prevent issues. Kinda like if I drive a car 1 mile vs 100 miles. I'm less likely to wreck driving 1 mile. Again precautions.

    4. I made 2 usb's to try them both out. 1 is Rufus and the other windows media tool. Rufus was set up with GPT partition which makes 4 partitions and windows makes MBR which is 3 partitions. Doesn't matter both work with UEFI and Secure Boot enabled. Only thing needed is choosing to boot from USB in your BIOS settings. (I even deleted all partitions by accident after the usb made the new partitions for the new install. Again is doesn't matter I have a USB ISO that will create new partitions even if I decided to be an idiot.

    5. Once I went to Anniversary I waited 2 days because I was on the Insider Program and when the 2nd hit and the rollout started I removed myself from the Insider Program and it automatically goes to a normal build listing but won't change anything. The device is activated regardless.

    6. I really think the problems people have is they don't take the extra precautions to prevent an error. I did my research first and I knew from the past that going from one build to another its best to do a clean install with a bootable usb. IMO no other route is safe. Way to many people just click buttons and have issues.

    Another tip to download inside windows the official way without them sending it to your PC. This is the same exact process as the OP wants its just forced. I still advise a USB install that creates new partitions but here you go...... - Go to windows update in settings and click advanced options (Choose how updates are installed and make sure "defer updates" is unchecked. Go to this website https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...setting_client Click get the anniversary update now option will force the download of the Windows 10 Update Assistant. The tool will run the compatibility assistant. Follow the normal steps and it will complete the download.
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    I had to upgrade manually. WU never found any updates. I ended up having to go the ISO route. The get the anniversary now button, clicking on "LEARN MORE" When it got to the install part it gave me error 0x80070490. At this point everything seems to be working fine.
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    Everything went well for me. One PC required the iso file method. I just wish that WIn10AU didn't make me reset a bunch of privacy and optimization settings.
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    The freezing up seems to be going away on my Personal Laptop and my Desktop. I guess the Windows 10 Anniversary Update had to be smoothed out before it started acting right.

    However, I still haven't received the updates on those 2 other computers yet. I contacted Microsoft Answer Desk about it yesterday, and they said that a lot of people are reporting that the update isn't going through to Windows Update for others as well. They sent me an email on how to manually upgrade to the new update. But I already know how to manually upgrade to the update. So, I am going to check for updates again tomorrow to see if the Anniversary Update is ready to install and if it's not then I will simply manually upgrade those computers.

    Oh and another thing. I am not going back to Windows 8.1, but I went to Advanced Options to see if I could ever revert back to Windows 8.1 and that option isn't there anymore. Anyone else experienced this issue? I read online that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update borked many peoples' Partitions such as their Recovery Partitions.
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