How to determine what caused Anniversary Update to fail  

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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    From your latest post. You did set it back to the original.
    (1) do I need to create an empty 500MB partition on my boot drive prior to running the upgrade (I think the answer to this is no.)
    My answer would be yes even though your system is running fine. But the upgrade would fail if this partition is missing.
    (2) what is the 450 MB partition doing on my boot drive and can I delete it/re-use it's space to make a 500MB empty partition (if needed)
    Windows Upgrade create this 450 MB partition to put a new WimRE.wim (Basically it is a WinPE version containing a set of tools for trouble shooting specifically for version 1067.
    (3) in the first posting by babis49 on the thread "windows 10 Anniversary upgrade created a recovery partition", what are those 3 partitions with no drive letters, how did they get there, and which ones are really needed.
    The post in this thread does not really apply to your situation. His Windows installation used GPT partition scheme. Yours is MBR
    (4) Whether or not I have to create an empty 500MB partition, should I disable all my other drives before running the upgrade
    (5) What is a good piece of software for fixing the MBR/BCD stuff if it breaks and what is the procedure for doing so
    Macrium Reflect Free . Been helping other people with similar problem as yours.
    (6) Why is the best option when the Win10 ISO disk says it cannot fix a boot/startup problem
    Not the best if your partitions are not in the right order.
    (7) What is in a Recovery Partition and what is it used for
    Already answered above.
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    topgun: thanks for your continued interest and support. I will definitely take a look at Macrium Reflect.

    It does seem odd that there has to be a 500MB partition created before running the upgrade. Does MS really expect normal people will be able to do this? And if this is a requirement, why don't they say something about it?

    Also - my current version of Win10 is 10586. So if I need a 500MB partition for the upgrade, and the 450MB partition is for 1067, could/should I delete this partition completely and then create a new 500MB one, thus taking only an additional 50MB from my boot drive?

    PS: did you ever have anything to do with F-4's? I've got some neat stories for you if you did.
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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    As I said above, a fresh install of Windows 10 will give you a 500MB and C drive only. However, in previous versions (Win 7, Win 8/8.1) the reserved partitions for those are small 100MB for Win 7 and 350MB for 8/8.1, not enough room for the new code for Windows 10 so they create an extra 450MB and move WinRE.wim (over 300MB) instead of re-partitioning drive C which would take a long time to upgrade.
    Here's my suggestion if you wish to follow:
    1. Download and install Macrium, from Macrium: create a USB Rescue disk (important)
    2. From Macrium, create a backup image of your C drive only and store it in one of the drive (D: or E:)
    3. Download my 500MB Reserved partition: - Google Drive
      Unzip and store it in the same place with your C drive backup image.
    4. Boot up the USB rescue disk, browse to where you save the images, select the 500MB first to restore
    5. Select your current Windows C drive as destination, click on each partition then click on "Delete this partition" until the destination drive shows empty.
    6. Click on 500MB, drag and drop to the destination, click Next->Finish to restore this 500MB partition first
    7. Again, browse for your C drive backup image, drag and drop after the 500MB, Next->Finish
    8. Click on Restore tab, click on "Fix Windows Boot Problems"
      How to determine what caused Anniversary Update to fail-mr6_fixbootproblems.png
    9. Reboot your PC. Try to upgrade again

    P.S A similar problem is in this thread where OP could not upgrade his MBR Windows (same as yours) but in addition, he also wanted to convert to GPT.
    Solved Small Wrinkle in Anniversary Update....MBR Disk - Windows 10 Forums
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    That sounds pretty straightforward - thanks. I've got the Macrium software and it looks like it can replace my Aomei backup/restore. I've been using Aomei for several years because it allows selectively restoring files and folders from a back up - I did not know Macrium has this capability too. So once I verify that this feature actually works I'll redo my rescue flash drive for Macrium and follow your procedure.
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    OK - looks like I am all set to follow your methodology. I got your mrimg file (304.21 MB) and made a backup of both partitions on my boot drive. I verified that I can mount the C: partition under Win10 and restore stuff from it. I also made and booted from a Recovery USB drive. So tomorrow I'll follow your steps and report back what happens.

    I do have one question abotu Macrium: why does it not like my 2nds SSD? It seems to not realize that it is a regular disk.

    How to determine what caused Anniversary Update to fail-capture.jpg

    PS: after looking at that last posting you quoted I'm even more happy that I never did RAID. With SSD's I really don't see the need any more.
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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    From Disk Management. You have your Kingston SSD drive letter assigned as X: . It might be a collision with WinPE and Macrium Rescue disk is built with WinPE. When you boot from Macrium Boot disk or Windows Recovery disk, X: is reserved, everything is loaded into RAM and run from it. From the screen shot the drive letter of this SSD was taken out, made it hidden. Re-assign the drive letter such as Y or Z.
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    Got it - thanks. I changed it to W since it is primarily work/temp stuff.

    Hmmm... W doesn't seem any better; the Macrium display is still the same. It really isn't an issue since I don't back that drive up anyway.
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    The Macrium restore failed rather badly. I got both partitions restored ok and the Fix Boot Problems appeared to run OK. But on reboot I got the Blue Screen message "Your PC needs to be repaired. Boot configuration data missing or contains errors"

    I booted off my Win7 ISO disk but the repair function said it could not repair anything. Next, I restored my backup (only) after having removed both C: partitions. That ended up with the same results. So I formatted the drive and will try one more Macrium restore.

    That worked - sort of. After the Macrium restore I still got the same error message, but this time the Windows ISO disk was able to correct the error. So now my system looks like this:

    How to determine what caused Anniversary Update to fail-capture.jpg

    It's been about 10 hours working on this so far, so I'm going to take a break for a while.
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    If you look in your C partition you may see a folder named $Windows.~WS. It contains some log files. The setuperr.log lists all the errors encountered during the install. You do need to set the system to see hidden folders and possibly unhide protected system files.

    If you look at the Setupact.log, it tracks the entire install. If you follow it down you will see percentage readouts. Look to see if the percentages stop before reaching 100% 100% 100% for the three operations. If they do stop then the problem may be noted in some listing above where the percentages stop.
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    No such folder exists, which is not surprising since my boot partition was created by a restore of my working system.
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