Hello Everyone on the forum,

We have set up an ICT Computer Lab and installed official Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit OS in a Core i3 Computer, with the purpose to teach ICT Computers to Children studying in grade 6 to 10 IGCSE Cambridge board. Our set up is as follows:-

Set up:- Windows Server 2012 + 10 Computers connected to server domain having OS windows 10 professional 64 bit + 24 port Switch for LAN networking etc.

Observation: What we have observed in last 2 months forces me to ask a question in this forum, because this matter is causing a lot of issue in normal day to day functioning. Every time a new user profile of s student is created, (even if Windows OS was updated just 3 hours back for a different old user), the system starts updating windows OS all over again for this new user profile.

Question:- (1) Does this mean that Windows 10 Pro OS maintains its OS and updates separately and individually for each user profile ?
(2) If Yes - Is there a way where we can configure the OS in a way where it updates commonly for all users including those that may be created in future?

Kindly do share your experience and knowledge for me to understand this scenario.

Thanks / Pinesh Mehta