I've been on the insider build about a week or so and latest anniversary pre-release when that came out. No issues at all. More than happy with it until this KB3176929 cumulative update.

This is ending day 2 of the update for me I believe. My first issue I got was a BSOD all of a sudden yesterday afternoon. On reboot I was stuck in a black screen loop but with a forced power down and power back up the PC would start and after everything seemed to load 1-2 minutes later, BSOD again. The only thing I did was uninstall Chrome since I use Edge primarily. Icons on shortcuts on my desktop take turns going from clear square icons to black icons on reboot. I did a System Restore since It kept happening and the system restore point was day 1 after the update. So right now everything seems good to go except my computer goes to sleep at around 5 minutes inactivity. To double check this, I have checked all my settings in power settings and advanced power settings. Hard Disk, Screen, sleep, etc etc is all correct. FYI I use my laptop HDMI through my TV. TV will power down when the PC powers down or goes to sleep but will wake up as it should on use of usb wireless keyboard. Power Settings doesn't have anything out of order after the update so I don't think the problem is there. I also made sure screen saver is off and login menu unchecked just in case.

My laptop runs 100% and any issues I have seem to be after a cumulative update. July 12 cumulative update on the old Windows 10 gave me a world of problems that forced me to do a full clean install (This was when I went to a insider anniversary build/version) So everything is awesome except when a cumulative update hits my PC than it gets unstable. I have minimal apps installed and been working a lot lately so haven't been power using the laptop.

Is it a coincidence or this new cumulative KB3176929 was just a little buggy for me. Let me know what you guys think.