GWX on a laptop broken by updates (BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO) . . . . .  

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    Win10 Home and Pro

    GWX on a laptop broken by updates (BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO) . . . . .

    Hi Guys, First post in here so not entirely up to speed with the "jargon" . . . .

    I tried many ways to repair the above error to no avail. My Win10 Home N showing error code 0xC004C003.

    activation area showed Current code is ****WXCHW

    I had gone for the GWX way back in December 2015 and was pleased with it. I had not used it for a couple of weeks, and fired it up on the 28 July (I know!). A torrent of updates ensued, and on restart . . . . it fell over . . BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO

    I decided to back track (I had made the "one time" rescue media on DVD soon after I aquired the Machine) its an HP Pavilion 15n278sa BTW . . . Win8.1 installed and activated fine.

    I had already made the Win10 media on usb3 - so I put it in and ran the setup - to upgrade to win10.

    Installation went fine, but would not activate . . . . 0xC004003 again.

    I tried the online activation . . . at the command prompt type Slui 4 <ok>
    select country (UK) <ok>
    Call toll free number, enter IIDs . . . . . . response was . . . . not activated . . . . . transfer to support operative . . . .

    Long story short, - they need the Windows 8.1 Key, which I never had (preinstalled OS).

    I've heard its embedded in a chip inside somewhere? MS said "ask HP", WE can't see it. Reports on HP's response are negative to say the least.

    The Windows info in win8.1 stated a PRODUCT ID of four, five-digit alphanumerics, which clearly isn't the authorise.

    Is it possible to retrieve the authorise (Five five digit alphanumerics)? Perhaps I need to go back to Win8.1 to do this?

    Any ideas guys? (sorry its so long . . . ) Or am I doomed to stay with 8.1 (which I hate) - unless I open my wallet . . . ?

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    Looks like a version mis-match.

    Run Showkey - Windows 10 Forums

    ..and post a screenshot - click the keys beforehand.
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    Thanks for that SF . . . .
    What a splendid app . . . .

    Here is the screenshot. Everything looks as it should? (to me)

    GWX on a laptop broken by updates (BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO) . . . . .-showkey-laptop-31072016.png

    The installed key declares itself to be retail . . . (Done with the official downloaded media (as an upgrade))

    What to do next . . . ?

    If I alter the key in the activation page to the win8.1 one - perhaps it will recognise that I upgraded - and allow the Win10?

    Best Regards

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    Hi parametric,

    Thanx, the problem is your Win 8.1 key is not for the N version, rather the standard version of Win 10 Home.

    You'll need to install that, and it will activate automatically once on-line.
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    Thanks again Sir!

    MY mistake for selecting the wrong option at the MS download site then . . .(doh!)

    Are these downloads still available - (since July 29th has now passed)?


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    Windows 10 Home x64

    This is the most recent item talked about on the forum, apparently anyone can do this, doesn't show any need for proof of assistive technologies, link below:
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    Thanks SF, this is posted from my new 8.1 installation, which reports "activated".

    I've made a new usb of the "Home" install media (minus the "N") and will attempt the upgrade shortly . . .

    I think the question is whether or not the MS Servers noted my previous (Dec 2015) upgrade to 10 or not - which would have registered my entitlement to Win10 for free? We'll see I guess . . .

    If not the I'll try your suggestion <Steve> and thanks for that . . . !

    I'll report back


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    <SuperFly> and <Steve> HUGE thanks to you both for your patience and help.

    I now have a fully functional and activated Windows10 Home (without the "N") on my laptop . . . .

    Here's the result from ShowKey:
    GWX on a laptop broken by updates (BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO) . . . . .-showkey-win10-01082916.jpg

    The installed key reports Win 10 RTM Core Retail . . . .

    I use this laptop for Music applications (Reaper) and as such it needs to be solid. I now need to install Komplete10 from NI, which is roughly 18Gb in size (huge sample library).

    Unsurprisingly - I'd rather do this just ONCE (IYKWIM) - so it was crucial to have windows without issues . . . .

    By way of thanks, I moderate on three music-related forums, so if any of you guys play guitars or synths etc, and ever have questions or problems, you can ask here: Yamaha Forums UK - Index page

    My "handle" is the same as here. We are not a Yamaha official site, but they approve of our activites and DO take an interest in what goes on. We also cover most any of the other major brands (Roland, Korg, Kurtzweil, Casio etc). Recently there has been increased activity in the Guitar section - again, not just Yamaha . . . .
    It's free to browse and free to join if you want/need to participate. It's a friendly and well-mannered forum (rather like here!) with many knowledgable members . . . .

    Huge thanks again

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