I have two OEM Win10 PCs for months now and have decided to take the plunge & upgrade two Win7 PCs to Win10. One a Toshiba laptop, is not qualified, apparently something to do with the display. The other, a HP desktop is qualified (according to Microsoft, for whatever that's worth).

Even though Microsoft said the HP was good to go, the Win10 download failed from the start with a error message to try again later. That PC hasn't been used in three months and now Windows Update won't run.

The Toshiba laptop hasn't been used in maybe six months and it also will not do Windows Updates. In both cases, it either says checking for updates (for hours), or if I do manage to get past there (as I did on the Toshiba), then the 10MB download stays at 0% for hours (I have a GB connection, should take seconds).

I've found various solutions online, tried a few of the simpler ones with no success. Before I would try the more complicated suggestions, it might just be easier to wipe & re-install Win7 or go straight to Win10 if possible. Since two PCs are having the same or similar problem, I'm wondering if I'm missing something or is this just a coincidence? Any suggestion for getting Windows Update working and/or Win10 download working. Thanks in advance.