Windows 10: Can't update Windows

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       03 Jun 2016 #21

    Ok, next try this:
    DISM - Repair Windows 10 Image - Windows 10 Forums

    6. To Use DISM /RestoreHealth /Source:wim Command
    --> Techbench ISO download
    7. To Use DISM /RestoreHealth /Source:esd Command
    --> Media Creation Tool ISO Download

    Follow that repair with
    SFC /scannow
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  2.    04 Jun 2016 #22

    Hey Slartybart,

    Ok, I did option #6.

    It says "The restore operation completed successfully" and "The operation completed successfully."

    Then, I ran the sfc /scannow and it says, "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

    I installed updates, rebooted, and still have the same problem.

    What should I try next?

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       04 Jun 2016 #23

    jmbtexas4 said: View Post
    I installed updates, rebooted, and still have the same problem.
    Ok good
    Dism RestoreHealth and SFC ran successfully

    I'm not sure about the quote though - you installed updates ... isn't that the issue you're trying to fix? Or is KB3156241 still rolling back?

    Here are a few maintenance tasks - not sure if it will change anything on the issue, but it might show something!

    Also please put the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log in a zip folder and attach it here (Wink would also like to see it - instructions on where to upload it for John are on the Reddit page I linked below the fold.
    Please do this before Disk Cleanup - that process might ... well clean up the log

    Disk cleanup your Windows Drive
    Command Prompt (Admin)
    The tutorial suggests picking and choosing - I suggest selecting every item presented.

    Check your Windows Drive for errors
    Command Prompt (Admin)
    chkdsk c: /f
    yes next boot and then restart to actually let it run

    If you have an SSD, skip this step.
    Defrag your Windows Drive
    Command Prompt (Admin)
    defrag c: /x
    defrag c: /u /v

    I'd also like to see your Disk Management.

    Step 1: Download this zip file (contains dmDskmgr-vd.mmc)

    Step 2: Double click to open the compressed folder
    Double click dmDskmgr-vd.mmc to launch the custom Disk Management console
    You'll get an output similar to this:

    Press Alt+PrtScn to grab a snapshot of just the Disk Management window
    Open Paint and Ctrl+V to paste it, then save the image
    Attach the image to a new post.

    Option 2: Use Disk Management in the x-Menu (right click the Windows logo, select Disk Management)
    Select View > Bottom > Disk list
    Maximize the window and grab the screen shot.

    Those are things I would do on my machine to investigate the issue. I'll look at the CBS log and review the disk management.

    That's about all I have - read the next steps below the fold. Please post back what you find working with Wink and the other Reddit participants.



    John Wnkk suggests hiding the KB3156421 update using the show/hide tool

    I think we've done as much as we can here and it's probably best that you work with Wink and his MS team.
    I'm playing the middleman anyway - stuff I find over there, plus what I believe might help (Dism & SFC), were used in this thread.

    The issue as it is definitely in the domain of MS to fix. Wink further suggest that people experiencing the issue work directly with him on the Reddit page here: KB3156421 - Spinning dots after installing the update, computer either hangs or uninstalls the update : Windows10

    When you install the latest Cumulative Update, your computer will want to reboot. Usually it will reboot correctly and finish installing the update, but once in a while we see a situation where the installation doesnt finish correctly. One of two things may happen:

    The update fails and rolls back (uninstalls)
    There are actually several different potential causes for this. Some of these are temporary (i.e. the update will install successfully on a later attempt) and some are not.

    If the update installation fails and rolls back, Id like to see your CBS logs to try to determine why this happened. Id appreciate if you could add all of the files in C:\Windows\Logs\CBS to a ZIP file, name the ZIP file the same as your handle here on the forum, and upload the ZIP file to my OneDrive

    Well look at the logs and try to figure out whats happening.

    The update fails and your computer hangs on reboot
    We have hopefully solved this problem, but it may still occur in some computers. If this happens, Id definitely like to see your CBS logs as described above. To get out of this situation, you need to reboot your computer in Safe Mode, uninstall the update and use the Windows Update Troubleshooter to hide the update so that it doesnt try to reinstall itself and put you back in the same bad state.

    John Wink [MSFT]
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  4.    04 Jun 2016 #24


    I "download and install updates" from the Update & Security page in Settings.

    However, I must restart, and upon reboot, is the error about not being able to install the updates.

    I will get to everything else you suggested later, but I wanted to clarify your question.

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       04 Jun 2016 #25

    Thanks, but I'm still a bit foggy.
    The error about not being able to install the updates.
    Are you still talking about KB3156421 installing, failing, uninstalling in post# 8?

    or is it the SAFE_OS issue in post# 18

    Or is there some new phenomenon?

    Keep in mind that you are focused on one issue and I am working on a number of threads, so it's not always easy for me to keep track on any given thread. The best way is for members on their side of the monitor to be concise when they post.
    Remind members helping you of the current state
    i.e. When I restarted I got the error
    0x800F0830 - 0x20003
    The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during INSTALL_UPDATES operation

    Instead of is the error about not being able to install the updates

    Sure ... you can see your monitor and you know exactly what you mean ... but I'm blind on this side

    I probably won't have much other input - I will look at the things I requested when you get a chance to post them.

    Oh - the commnets on the Reddit pages are mostly I uploaded the CBS file. There are a few I fixed it this way, but I would ignore those and wait for MS to figure this one out.

    I think I have an idea where this will end up, but I need to research that and what Wink, et al are doing.

    Thanks for being patient and performing the tasks I asked you to do,

    Last edited by Slartybart; 06 Jun 2016 at 13:28. Reason: John Wink, not John Wicks
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  6.    05 Jun 2016 #26


    Please see the CBS log and Disk Management screen shot.

    I have already selected everything previously on a Disk Cleanup to no avail.

    I checked for drive errors and defragmented.

    I will get in touch with John Wick too.

    Let me know if you see anything in the log and screen shot.

    Thanks again!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Disk Management.jpg 
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Size:	69.8 KB 
ID:	83405
    Can't update Windows Attached Files
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  7.    05 Jun 2016 #27

    Thanks, Bill!

    Yes, I am talking about KB3156421 installing, failing, uninstalling in post# 8?

    When I tried to do the in place upgrade in order to fix the KB3156421 update issue, I got the SAFE_OS issue in post#

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       05 Jun 2016 #28

    Ok great - I'll keep an eye on the thread.

    It will take me some time to read though what you post, so bear with me, ok
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  9.    05 Jun 2016 #29

    Ok, sure. Thanks again!
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       05 Jun 2016 #30

    I have already selected everything previously on a Disk Cleanup to no avail.
    Did you run the extended cleanup?

    Did you hide the KB3156421 update?

    I must have been typing when you posted the info- thanks.

    The disk mgmnt is interesting ... do me yet another favor and give the Recovery part a drive letter and explore it (make sure your explorer view settings include hidden and system files)

    When you're done looking, remove the drive letter.

    If there's nothing on there, I suspect it might have something to do with the KB3156421 WU failure, possibly the offline install as well.

    I really need to think on this, maybe call in another member. I'll look at the cbs logs tomorrow

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