I upgraded to Windows 10 on 4/21 around 2:30pm. I let them computer sit and do the upgrade all day. I came back to the computer around 8pm that night and noted the upgrade was apparently complete. However all of my files, pictures, settings, were gone. I had saved emailed myself copies of all important documents and wasn't concerned that my documents were not there. I opened Word and began creating a new document for work. I saved it and then went to bed. The next day I woke up, opened up my laptop and found that all my OLD settings (from Windows 8.1) were back including documents, pictures, settings but that the document that I created in windows 10 the previous night was gone. I've done some research and think that maybe the installation of Windows 10 wasn't complete or maybe I was logged in to a temporary account but I still can't find this one specific document that I created in Word with Windows 10. Any suggestions?