Thanks for being part of such a helpful community.

Around two weeks ago as I was shutting down my computer for the day, I had to install updates (standard so far). The next morning I came to find my computer stuck on the loading screen with that turning dot icon, and would not boot up.

I called Microsoft Tech support and the solution they came to was activating the PC Diagnosis settings by faking a failed reset and then using System Restore, which worked as a temporary solution.

However each time I shut down I was forced to install the same updates that caused the issue, and would have to use system restore again, etc...

Eventually it got to the point where I was assisted in re-installing windows 10 altogether.

This also worked for a while, but once again, I eventually had to install those dreadful updates....

Now I have the same issue AND system restore no longer works. Completely locked out of my computer.

Yesterday it miraculously loaded my login screen after hours. Today I wasn't so lucky, and it's been stuck on the loading screen all day. I have to use a random separate computer at work, away from all my files.

I'm desperate to solve this issue. Does anyone have any ideas? I do not currently have my files backed up and am quite concerned.

Please advise, greatly appreciated!