Windows 10: Windows takes two hours to boot every reboot. Goes to spinning circles

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       12 Mar 2016 #161

    essenbe said: View Post
    We'll be her tomorrow. I was just trying to determine if you are installed in UEFI or Legacy. It seems you are in Legacy mode, but you shouldn't have 2 Recovery Partitions. I don't believe the 2 Recovery Partitions should be the cause of your problems and that can be fixed later. It does give me concern of did the upgrade/installation go wrong somehow.

    If you could check those items in BIOS next time you boot up, it may help.

    Have you run sfc /scannow or DISM? And I would try to make sure you check for any updated firmware for your SSD.
    Have you run a repair install before and did you do a Clean Install or an Upgrade?

    What Imaging program do you use? Macrium? I recall it being mentioned earlier in the thread.
    Not sure why I am in Legacy. I don't think there is any reason to do so is there?

    Ok, will check the BIOS.

    Yes, have run scannow but I could not generate the .txt file on my desktop. Maybe that indicates an issue. You can find that task in the first few pages of this thread. I need to research the SSD firmware.

    Initially, a couple of months ago, I did a clean install of Windows 10. Just yesterday, I ran a repair install based on suggestions in this thread. So that's what we are working on. I have an Image from before that was done that I could reinstall.

    I've rebooted. I'll have more to post soon.
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       12 Mar 2016 #162

    simrick said: View Post
    Rob, did you run the cleanup function to get all the leftovers now that you're in the normal OS?

    No, unfortunately I forgot to do that. Too many things to keep track of I guess. I'll try to remember that.
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       12 Mar 2016 #163

    In your BIOS boot manager, do you have just the hard drive listed as a boot device or do you have Windows Boot Manager listed? You have 2 recovery partitions and no EFI partition. If you are installed in UEFI mode, you should have as the boot option for your hard drive, Windows Boot manager. Also what are the settings for Secure Boot and CSM?

    In the Advanced Settings in BIOS, make sure all USB options are enabled. The fact that the drivers cannot find one indicates they are disabled in BIOS or possibly a Motherboard problem.
    FYI, yes, I use Macrium

    BIOS checks:
    1. All USB options enabled except 'EHCI Hand-off' is [disabled]. I just [enabled] it.
    2. CSM [enabled]
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       13 Mar 2016 #164

    I have something interesting to report. After all of our efforts today I was still stuck at the spinning dots on reboot. Of course, if I waited about two hours, I'd finally have my logon screen and could proceed normally.

    I've been searching for and reading posts for a week and read hundreds I'd guess. Nothing I tried in any of them eased my issue and that's when I posted here. I have to say, the caliber of assistance I've received here is truly amazing. I'm sure I'll be a frequent user of this site.

    Obviously this is all leading up to something. I found a post that talked about the same issue, no problems, boot 2 hours, yadda, yadda. At the end of it he mentioned he paid (called it extortion) Microsoft for tier 2 support. The tech had him run the following and it solved his issue. I initially thought that is was a plant and a clever way to drive users the website of the software. But as I read the post more, it seemed legitimate. Of course, you could go through a lot of trouble to fake a nice long thread only to solve it thus driving customers to your site, but, I was willing to risk it. It's at This even sounds like and ad as I read what I'm writing. Regardless, it solved my issue for now. I was amazed that after running it in Safe Mode (took almost an hour) and I rebooted, I had a logon screen.

    I hope I'm not calling this a success prematurely. I just saw a popup that Windows was installing updates. My original diagnosis when this all started was that a forced Windows Update is what broke my logon. I'm still not sure it didn't. And, when I reboot after writing this, I may be stuck again. If so, I'll report back.

    I'd like to still solve the issues you guys detected with my processors, NVidia adapter and EFI partition if you'll help me. I want to get this machine as sound and clean as I can.
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       13 Mar 2016 #165

    I hope it works out well for you. Please let us know your results.
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    Yes, let us know how this works.
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       13 Mar 2016 #167

    I'm running some benchmark tests right now. One thing I never mentioned in the flurry of activity today (but I was going to mention it tomorrow as we re-examined the processor errors) was that in 'Device Manager' I've always had an exclamation mark over each of my 40 processors. No matter how many times I updated the Chipset and other drivers from ASUS, I always had the processor exclamation marks.
    The program I ran solved that and to my surprise, I'm seeing a 15% speed increase in Cinebench. In PerformanceTest 8.0 I'm seeing nearly an 18% increase in CPU Mark, and 2D Mark. I was happy with the benchmarks before so this is astounding.

    I just rebooted and Windows informed me it was applying updates. I think this is a residual task left over from the in-place reinstall I did last night. I got my logon screen per normal. So far, all is well.
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    Wow, that's good!
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       13 Mar 2016 #169

    Good to hear :)
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       13 Mar 2016 #170

    Enabled Boot logging, went into a normal boot
    Could you try this again, I'd like to see what changed in the boot process.
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