Windows 10: No updates at all on Windows 10 Pro 64bit Solved

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    No updates at all on Windows 10 Pro 64bit

    Humble apologies if query as been asked before.
    On laptop I have Windows 10 Pro installed, and I have had no updates at all since doing a clean install last November, admittedly I do not use the Dell Vostro that much these days, but surely something should have come down the pipeline, as always your thoughts most appreciated.
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    This is your new thread so ask away! I had switched off a second desktop I use here for trying things out on for the entire month of January and had seen the last check for updates in late December. I was running with the Insider 10565 upgraded to 10576 onto the Insider 10586 and then onto the Threshold 2 Update which amounts to upgrade of the 10586 over the 10586 general release eliminating the watermark in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

    When February arrived and I fired her up I enabled the Get insider builds option once again having initially wanting to keep the TH2 update on as well as on the main build. Not going to happen as the 14257 was put on there and then the TH2 on the main suddenly got buggy and now has the 14271 that is about to be replaced by the 14279 build running that corrected the bugs in a hurry! I now will wondering if any similar problems will be seen with a Toshiba laptop bought in January will be seen since that came with 10 on it as well. I do have the system image for that however I could toss back on.

    For your situation however the clean install might have seen a problem with the Windows Update feature not going on fully during the initial install if you are not able to get any updates in. One option you could try would be seeing if the Get insider builds option is working in order to grab the latest build while at the same time getting a fresh copy of Windows going again without either seeing an upgrade to repair or full clean install take place. The upgrade by updates if that works should solve the problem with the new build replacing the build you first saw go on as well as fix any errors.

    If you saw the TH2 10586 version 1511 go on the upgrade by update should go smoothly at this point. Did you use media created before or after the TH2 came out would be the first question here however? If you used a 10 stick made up for the 10240 you will want to replace that with the TH2 at least. That is when you would want a fresh copy of 10 going on.
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    Will certainly check all this out, thanks Night Hawk
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    Did you use the Media Creation tool to create the 10 media with or did you wait and use another app after saving the Windows.iso file to a drive? Generally a clean install is what avoids problems while upgrades can end up being buggy. The Threshold 2 installs here however were upgrade by updates as opposed to simply booting live from the media created at the time and saw the 14271 replace the main build's TH2 when that went buggy.

    But I had the WU in working order and why I made the suggestion about seeing if you could go for the Insider builds option at least or face the inplace upgrade to repair or clean install option all over from scratch again! You could still try the System File Checker tool if you had initially seen 10 installed from a dvd-r you could toss in the drive but might not be able to do the same with a usb key plugged since the tool was originally written to extract and replace corrupt or missing system files by searching the Windows disk!
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  5.    07 Mar 2016 #5

    Sorry for delay in getting back to this forum, busy weekend.
    Yes I used media creator tool and done it in two stages first the upgrade, then straight away the clean install which is then an activated O/S of Win 10 Pro, I have done this with my 2 laptops also my wife's & mine PC, all the previous O/S was Win 7, no problem at all with the other 3 computers, just this one with Win 10 Pro, by the way the others were just Win 7 Home Edition 64 bit.
    By the way cheers for your input.
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    I know that the initial upgrade from 7 can be buggy on both the 32bit and 64bit sides! I ran smack into that last summer upgrading the two desktops and another 7 laptop. The first was where I was initially unaware of the need to unplug the two storage drives as well as the original 7 host/boot drive since I first cloned 7 over to the second OS drive followed by a clean install there. Later when going over the Clean Install guide I found out why 10 wouldn't even go on at first!

    That first desktop saw a mess and had to wait a full week after the second upgrade to repair was tried and wouldn't activate! The MS server were busy for sure! The second desktop however had an interesting result of seeing a good upgrade on a then 2yr. old 7 install. The laptop however saw no Start button and you couldn't open the AllApps on the 32bit upgrade to replace the 32bit 7 Home premium later to see the 64bit side replace the immediate 32bit clean install! The laptop failed in late December however! That was replaced by a new model just out from Toshiba in Sept. already seeing 10 on it.

    With all that the only real bug that came up since had just been seen with the Threshold 2 upgrade over the 10586 over the two previous Insider Preview builds while wanting to keep the TH2 update going on the first main build here. I could no longer rename new or older existing folders. That came up out of the clear blue likely following one of the latest updates. I set the Get insider builds option to run and saw the 14257 longer wait then normal fix the problem and then onto the 14267, 14271, and just this weekend the 14279 all running well.

    The one good news I could have for you here however is the available WIndows Update Troubleshooter tool! By simply running a search on the Bing search engine the results will see a square area with the direct download link for the same tool. windows update troubleshooter windows 10 - Bing

    I would say give this a try while I still suspect the 10 install you saw may have a bug or two in it where you could still end up needing either a repair or full replacement install. But if this is the only problem MS has a tool for it.

    On a further note while looking up the tool there I ran into a similar posting at the MS Answers site no one answered with any solution while a few others having the some problem replied. I added in a notation there to look up the tool! Windows 10 windows update troubleshooter - Microsoft Community
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    Thank you for the detailed information, will be firing up later today the lappy and running some of the links, but hand on heart methinks I will probably have to do another complete reinstall!
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    Good luck either way! It does seem to point out the need for a fresh 10 install doesn't it? Once you do get 10 on and running like it should just don't forget to see a full system image backup made! You never know when that can save the day for you!
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  9.    21 Mar 2016 #9

    A quick update, went to media creator and reinstalled Win 10 Pro, I now have the latest version 10586.xx done some tweaks in registry got rid of shortcut arrows on the icons, now pleased as punch. Cheers for the input, will mark as solved.
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