Windows 10: Win10 not updated since installation Solved

  1.    11 Feb 2016 #1

    Win10 not updated since installation

    I have two eMachines e528 laptops with identical software and hardware setups. Both have performed reliably for 5 years.
    Win 10 installed in both with 10.0.10240 build 10240 in October 2015. Current level remains build 10240. No update since install.
    However other updates are happening, KB890830 installed today 12/2/16 on both and several similar since October although Defender was inactive because Immunet was installed.
    Deleted Immunet in both laptops and Defender then turned on but so far still cannot get win10 to update.
    Any advice appreciated, especially if it fixes problem !!!
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       12 Feb 2016 #2

    Hello talisman Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    Not being familiar with Immunet since there is a large number of av programs to choose from the two questions I would have for you to start the ball rolling would be ...
    1) Have you looked into this by checking the settings in the Start>Settings>Update&Security>Windows Update section at all? In particular the one thing there would the "Defer updates" option being found checked off. That would gum the works rather fast.

    2)If the av software you are running has a firewall or you have some other type of web filtering while usually most protective of anything that might be causing a slight problem? It sounds odd but....

    I've run into some strange things at times! As for the Windows Defender updates even with VIPRE totally disabled on both machines and not covering 10 VMs on the 7 side of each system having a 10/7 dual boot those can be as stubborn as.....! to get them on at times! After hiding one from the secondary system's updates I finally saw the Cumulative update for the Threshold 2 Update go on just before seeing the latest Insider Preview build finally download and install over the TH2 Novemeber 11th update which itself is about three builds newer. And that is precisely what you can use there to upgrade each 10 with if not simply packing the 10240 copy in on both laptops and calling a clean install day for the Threshold 2 Update!

    The Media Creation tool will download and even create the usb installation key for you with an 8gb not smaller 4gb size flash drive due the size on disk being 5.48gb! seeing both the Home and Pro editions in both 32bit and 64bit flavors rolled together in one package for the general release as an update. The 10 installer in that will automatically detect which flavor and edition you are currently running.

    Another option available since many laptops seem to have problems bringing up boot device menus these days with an assigned F key unlike custom builds with the optical drive set actually as first in the boot order for recovery disks most are not aware of until putting any bootable dvd in the drive and leaving it there you choose to download and save the "Windows.iso" file directly to the drive and then either mount the iso image on a virtual optical drive to see the upgrade take place or even extract a few folders and files out onto the root of C to see the inplace upgrade take place by manually browsing either the 32bit or 64bit folder for the "setup.exe" file contained in both that will start up that flavor's 10 installer. Right clicking on it first to choose the "run as administrator" option will see the permissions provided.

    Now for seeing this take place you will first want to review a few of the guides first being the download options seen at Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

    The second for seeing to the upgrade type install on the two laptops can be reviewed at Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation - Windows 10 Forums

    And if you decide you would rather tend to a full clean install on one or the other if not on both you will want to especially take notes on the clean install guide. Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums
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  3.    12 Feb 2016 #3

    Thanks for your advice Nighthawk.. You have given me quite a lot to understand and action. I will report back asap. Adios TJA
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       12 Feb 2016 #4

    Don't feel like you are the only one not receiving the latest build. I suspect due to the increase of 10 users as well as more getting into the Windows Insider Program the volume of traffic is now seeing us pushed back to the end of the line a bit more! On 2/4 I checked for updates and noticed certain ones would wait to go on or like the Windows Defender hidden while the others went on finally saw the second build here receive the 14257 the other day while the 10 VM on the 7 side of the dual boot saw it much sooner once all these latest updates were tended to.

    Since there isn't any av program on the VM there WD is active and didn't see that update fail to go explaining why it likely saw the build arrive sooner. Plus I was checking there first since 7 was still set as the default OS due to 10 not able to connect by the usb WiFi for portable application. 10 requires the Cat 5 ethernet while the 7 install won't connect hard wired and 10 won't connect by Wireless! What a mix up! Fortunately that build is a regular "Test Dummy"! not the main everyday build!
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  5.    13 Feb 2016 #5

    Thanks again. I have re-updated the second machine (my wifes' as I did not want to upset MY pc) All went well to completion and reported build 10.0.10240 !!!!. the original level. So back to the drawing board . But I will take your advice and wait for a while as both PCs are working well. Your help is greatly appreciated. TJA
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       13 Feb 2016 #6

    To get the latest builds you would first need to see the 10240 replaced by the Threshold 2 Update which would go on like an upgrade over the initial release. Once that is set you then enable the Get insider builds option and should end up with the 14257.

    These newer builds are likely not going to show up at this time when still running the 10240 since the later builds if not the TH2 would be required. The 10565 saw the 10576 and 10568 Insider or TH2. The TH2 then saw the 11092 and 14251 which then the TH2 and those two newer now see the 14257.

    Everything follows a progression. Now that you have mentioned the 10240 being on the laptops there the move to make is for the November update you can download using the Media Creation tool or direct from the Tech Bench site only there you see the dual edition 32bit or 64bit links while the TH2 is the 4 in 1 combination. I think this is the main reason right off why the latest builds won't be seen until the 10586 Insider or Threshold 2 goes on being the same build but one available for download with the automatic detect what you have on now type installer.

    The upgrade into the TH2 will certainly be your choice there as you could end up needing to see a clean install first since some did report problems with upgrade installs. The 10240 still had some bugs addressed in the newer builds explaining why the transitions seen here for upgrade by update even have been going quite smoothly in contrast to the initial buggyness seen.
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  7.    23 Feb 2016 #7

    Thanks for your detailed research Nighthawk. . But this time I downloaded a fresh copy of the install data to my USB stick .Then did a full udpdate of win10. And it showed Version 1511 build 10586.104.
    So now I am up to date, hopefully the auto update will kick in for the next version.
    Regards TJA
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       23 Feb 2016 #8

    Glad to hear you got thing situated finally! :) Just got the latest Insider build in last thursday and everything went smooth as silk on both the Pro and Home VM as well as the main drive on the second desktop. The main case is set for the time being with the Threshold 2 until the TH3 is out possibly in May if they are planning to keep an every six months type of updated build schedule. These would be progressive builds for general application and not the test builds.

    Even with the Insider Preview builds you still need will need to see the other updates each build is proceeded by it seems go on first and then the newer build will begin to download. I have been keeping tabs on just how things like that have any effect on whether or not you get delayed in seeing the next build go on and have found the 4 or 4 updates that have come along with the latest pair of builds need to see all of those go on first. The Release Preview is a new 3rd ring setting that will now be seen as well as the Slow and Fast ring where you can keep the present update build seen in November get to preview the changes to be seen in newer builds like a new fix for the bookmarks bar in Edge is one change.
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