Selective Win10 Updates (as in Win7) Solved

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  1.    18 Feb 2016 #21

    Naaah ... W10 is much better than both 8 and 8.1, IMO. 8/8.1 was a bigger fail even than Vista. Besides ... in w7 you do have FULL control over what updates are installed from MS and if you don't want them you can achieve that. You just need realize the fact that now and then MS push updates and service packs and stuff like that which indeed does change the switch of how your updates are installed. That means that if you set it ask you before it downloads and installs updates, some updates you install can change that switch and set it to have updates automatic. What you need to do is basically check every time before updating what the setting is set to. It happens only very seldom that MS release such updates but ... it happens. Other than that I don't see why one does not have control over updates in w7. As to w10 ... this thread has so far SORTA shown that we can have some control.

    But yes, in general you are right. If the WANT to be asses they can achieve it and annoy the hell out of you.
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  2.    22 Feb 2016 #22

    So yes @Emma ... just tested it again ... in the group policy editor keep the 'Config. automatic updates' settings to Disabled (and nothing else but that) and this way you'll get no prompts no nothing .. no tray pop-up urging you that you need updates. This way the only time you'll see updates is if you intentionally go to check for them. That is great, I think, cos it allows for the following strategy (as discussed earlier in the thread):

    - before you go ahead and check for updates run the diagcab tool and with it detect possible updates that you don't want installed. Hide them. This way these updates should not be detected at all by Windows Update. Then go to check for updates and Windows Updates should only list as available updates the ones you did not hide with the diagcab tool ...

    now THAT finally makes some sense to me. Until we get a proper way of doing it ... this seems the be the workaround.
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  3. Emma's Avatar
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       22 Feb 2016 #23

    Thanks soewhaty, I guess I am just stubborn, I want to do it my way and I really dislike them removing options and giving users the ability to do it our way.

    I have to admit I didn't mind MS doing it when I reformatted, because I needed the updates for MS Office and Windows live mail, they installed only what I needed. They also turn them one for no reason one time. That is what made me mad. If a PC works with only 51 updates why do they insist on your installing 200 on an old PC.
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  4.    22 Feb 2016 #24

    I am just as stubborn as you are, friend! : ) And I FULLY agree with you. I can't tell you how much I agree with this - 'I really dislike them removing options and giving users the ability to do it our way'. This is basically the reason I am annoyed with them and am willing to fight to get to the truth and to the right way of how things should be :) Sometimes they lack sense ... and they substitute it with greed ...
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  5. Emma's Avatar
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       22 Feb 2016 #25

    Thank you soewhaty, that makes me feel better. Sometimes I feel it's just me feeling like that. I have stated this before but will do it again. I got my first PC in 1996 and after a tech told me I couldn't hurt the PC and if I changed something I did not like and could not fix.......... I could reformat and make it like new again. After that I jumped in with no fear. LOL I loved the challenge of a new OS and bought a new PC every time a new system came out. I had them all except 2000 and had no problems with any of them. W 7 is my favorite even though it was missing a couple of things I liked. W 8 and up are still challenging, but the fun is not the same. Hopefully my favorite W7 will out live me. I have a W 8.1 as a back up if it doesn't. :)
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  6.    22 Feb 2016 #26

    Thank for your comments, Emma! : )

    I have win 10 as a back-up if win7 does not outlive them cos I feel 10 is much better than 8 and 8.1. But i totally feel you. 7 is awesome. In 10 however, they've improved the explorer.exe a bit as well as the UI is more responsive which gives a better feel. But just that. Have added a few other fancy things which are now and then useful, but other than that there isn't a more stable MS OS than 7, IMO. My main OS is still 7 and I multi-boot between it and 10.
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  7. Layback Bear's Avatar
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       22 Feb 2016 #27

    I'm thinking things are the same now as they have always been.

    What ever operating system Microsoft comes up with all we want is the ability to set things as we want them.
    I and many others just want to choose varies things to work or not to work. Updates is a example. I like to choose what to update and when. I have always done updates manually for everything. I see no good reason to change my methods.
    To me a program of any kind should give options that one can choose from if they desire.
    I don't believe that is to much to ask for.
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  8.    22 Feb 2016 #28

    And u r absolutely right! Good point! MS need to understand that point once and for all .. but they are stubborn ... too stubborn ...
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  9. Emma's Avatar
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       22 Feb 2016 #29

    LB Everything I have read and heard about W 10 is that we will have no control over W 10 updates, you can't pick and choose anymore and that includes drivers. I heard that it is the most invasive OS every made and you can't turn it off. Has MS changed any of that? I had W 10 for a while, but went back to 8. When and if the time comes I will of course use it, I also think they will eventually start charging for the updates.
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  10. Layback Bear's Avatar
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       22 Feb 2016 #30

    Emma I can only speculate why Microsoft wants to control peoples computers. That is really no way to fix this problem except don't use W-10. Sooner or later Microsoft will catch on, but I think it's going to be later.
    Remember we are posting on the Ten Forum and most members don't seem to care if Microsoft controls things.
    In my opinion the mass of users of computers or cell phone ect. don't want to take charge of their devices. They are very happy not to be responsible for how their devices work or don't work.
    That is exactly the new customers Microsoft wants. Kind of like Apple users.
    If we wait long enough maybe things will get better for those of us that want control our computers.
    Only time will tell.
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