Windows Updates at Most Inconvenient Times

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    Windows Updates at Most Inconvenient Times

    Because I was tired of having Windows Update automatically install updates at the most inconvenient times, I paid for and installed Pro just so I could use the group policy editor to set Updates to Notify but don't download or install.

    This is an expensive solution to what shouldn't be a problem.

    These are the times I (or any other user) don't want Update to install updates
    • I am backing up my system, either using System Image or a third party backup solution
    • I am on vacation and may be using Wi-Fi at a coffee shop or low speed Wi-Fi
    • I am installing or updating other software
    • It just isn't a convenient time as I am doing some personal application and don't want to be disturbed

    The options I have read about doing in 10 Home to deactivate Update are silly, not easy to use, and prone to unexpected difficulties
    • If I am connected by Wi-Fi, I can set the Wi-Fi connection to metered. But I have to remember to do this every time I connect to Wi-Fi. I see no way to turn Metered on as a default for Wi-Fi connections, which would be the most convenient way to use Wi-Fi. But, if I am at home and using Ethernet cable, metered doesn't work.
    • Go to Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services>Windows Update and disable Windows Update. Murphy's law of unintended consequences is at play and will bite you, at the worst possible time.

    Microsoft's 10 Home requirement to have updates automatically updated is a service to MS, but a disservice to the customer.

    I bought a new laptop I March, with Windows 8.1 Home as the default. I could have purchased 8.1 Pro for $50, and now realize I should have done so. But at the time, Windows 10 was still under construction and I wasn't aware how valuable Pro would be in Windows 10.

    If I had to do it over again, knowing the disservice MS has done to their customers, I probably wouldn't have gotten the PC I got, but paid more for a Apple laptop of some type.

    Microsoft should offer more flexibility for Windows Update in Home, for the other poor smucks (they are smucks because they incorrectly assumed Microsoft would provide solutions in the customers best interest) that have Home and don't want to pay to upgrade to Pro.

    I do understand doing regular maintenance to Windows is important and often critical. I have always operated with notify first, download and install on request; but I update frequently, especially when notified of a critical udate. I plan to do the same on Pro.

    But as a customer, I should be able to hold off doing updates at times doing so is not only inconvenient, but might leave my system integrity in doubt.

    Minimally, Microsoft should notify the customer that updates are being installed. There used to be an icon in the system tray that informed me updates were available, and that updates were being installed. The least MS could do is reactivate that icon to at least notify the user that updates are being installed. That way the user wouldn't try to shutdown their PC or try to install other products while updates are being installed.

    MS needs to show they understand their customer needs and provide a Windows Update vulnerability solution. Perhaps offer 10 Home Premium that just adds the Group Policy Editor so the customer can set to install updates only after notifying the user and getting permission. The best way to do this would have Premium add the old options back to Windows Update installation options.

    When I was still working for a computer company, I operated under the policy the customer may not always be right, but was always the customer.

    As for MS, their policy seems to be the customer is always the customer, but the customer is usually or may almost always be wrong.
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    Another Update option

    As I was creating my feedback for this issue, I thought of another possible solution.

    Wouldn't it be great if Microsoft reviewed this issue and admitted Automatic Updates was not always the best solution for the customer and Microsoft, and added back the two Notify before install options to the Windows Update>Advanced Options>Chose how updates are installed in 10 Home.

    Even if MS does this, I don't regret my purchase of Pro. I needed more control over updates today.

    Adding these options back would show the customer Microsoft understands their needs and issues, and will respond.

    Not doing so is the corollary: MS doesn't understand their customer's needs, doesn't care about their customer's needs, or refuses to admit their automatic updates requirements was not the best option for some or many of their customers.

    I'll be interested in how MS responds to my feedback. I'll post the response when I get it.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, You are free to schedule restart after update in Home, I understand
    (I have Pro as I bought a cheap Win 8 Pro license when they first came out.. planning ahead..).

    Certainly for those (hopefully few) who experience problems after updates that don't require a restart, to protect key work control would be ideal.

    Other approaches:
    1. Enable group policy editor in Home edition

    2. Use batch files to schedule enabling and disabling metered connection
    It's good news. I have identified an automated procedure for switching a computer's WiFi connection between Metered and non-Metered. It is done with a pair of batch files [each with a single command, in fact] that can be run on Task scheduler.

    The significance of this for you is that you would be able to put the batch files on each computer and then have the Task scheduler run the appropriate one [i.e. switch the computer between Metered & non-Metered mode] at 02:00 & 08:00. It would all be automatic so you would not need to switch anything over manually.

    Windows Update in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

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    If you have pc connected via ethernet, you can disable the windows update service by running services.msc (renabling at your leisure).
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    I read about loading the Group editor in 10 Home, thought about it, but decided against it.

    I had not considered a batch file, but what happens if I go to Starbucks and use their Wi-Fi? Could Update start before I remember to set Wi-Fi to metered?

    Also, most of the time I use my PC at home, I am Ethernet cable connected. Metered is useless in this case.

    I decided to "go Pro" as I wanted a fully supported (or not, as the case may be) solution to controlling Windows Update. I have done the Group Edit and set Windows Update to 'Notify before download and update'.

    You might think I am now protected from unwanted, non-scheduled updates. Guess what, all this is useless for the infamous Visual C++ KB3119142 update. I went Pro yesterday and did the group edit to set Windows Update to Notify. Today, KB3119142 has automatically updated my PC 5 times!

    I seem to be constantly doing a repair on Visual C++, but it seems to get messed up with every Cumulative Update for Windows 10. Immediately after the Cumulative service, KB3119142 starts updating automatically.

    At least Cumulative Update service may honor the Group Edit policy, and I will repair Visual C++ after installing the next update. I hope this will prevent KB3119142 from doing any more updates on my system.

    Since KB3119142 seems to ignore the Windows Update settings, I though I might hide it in Windows Update. But going Pro and setting the Windows Update options seem to remove the Hide option in Windows Update. There seems to be no way to control this annoying update.
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    Windows 11 Home

    MS offers some solution to solve this:

    Then again, you can block updates with this.
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