Superfly said:
toppergraph said:
Superfly said:
Enterprise key: PBHCJ-Q2NYD-2PX34-T2TD6-233PK


Should work with slui3 from run command - may need a couple of attempts though.
My roll back Idea did not work.
Well done superfly. The enterprise code went in first time by just inputting from settings.
Out of interest why on this build only did I have to insert manually?. Also my pc reported an ending code: ****_MKKG7 nothing like any of the above.

Thanks you superfly
You are welcome.

Volume licence editions (like Enterprise have a built in installation key ... in this case ****-MKKG7)

That is to allow organisations, for which it is intended, to easier install on multiple PC's - activation can subsequently be done via that organisations network.
The reason the key was not picked up is that during an upgrade, the pre-installation environment process does not run and the key contained in the pid.txt cannot be accessed - as would be the case in a clean install or running setup from the root folder. Sorry if it sounds complicated...Here is some more info. regarding how setup checks keys for installation.
That makes sense now, this IS the first time I have done an upgrade through windows, I think I did in fact do clean installs on the last two upgrades. 1st using an ISO built From the ESD file and the last from an ISO downloaded from MS.

Thanks again for the time and extra Info.