Would you please give me a hand in this one. I use Windows 10 32-bit, build 10240, which came after I upgraded from Windows 7, having no problems at all, keeping my apps and files.

Now, I had option in WU to update to 1511 10586 recently, couple of weeks ago, it failed at 32% and 6% on Installing drivers. Then, I downloaded MCT and made and DVD with the installation and repeated everything. It failed again at same point. I read about problems with SD Card, I have none of it. Then I checked files setupact and setaperr, where I found that my Gamepad has error, I pulled USB Dongle out of computer. Another error was WLAN, but I do not have it, only cable modem router, connected directly to computer by cable.

I use PS2 mouse, there is no USB Peripherals connected and desperately want to upgrade do 10586 build. Everytime it failed at 32% point, and restored my previous version.

Could you help please.