My experience with Windows 10 Updates has been very strange and judging from this forum atypical as I do not see anyone reporting the same tedious experience.

Typically, I will be using my lap top an HP Pavillion dv3 when suddenly everything locks up. The only option is to power down and power up again...when I do so I get a blue screen with circling dots...mostly there are no messages to say what is going on...sometimes a "Please wait"...once, the last update before the one today (26Nov15) I actually got a status of download as I used to get on Windows 7 that walks me through the update...I have tried that waiting thing for up to 3 hours BTW, only to find the same blue screen with spiralling dots after 3 hours. In such cases I just power down and power up and everything seems to work...if I am lucky. If not I carry on cycling on and off until the machine sorts itself which seems to be on at least the 2nd or 3rd's all a bit Mickey Mouse really.

What I would like to be able to do is to schedule my updates or get them with some sort of notification and status so I know how things are going as I used to on Windows 7 which is a system I had never a single problem opposite to all the problems I have had to deal with on 10 since I made the awful mistake of downloading it onto my computer.

At one point I could not even use Office at all and it is critical for my work. Just about everything on my PC has had it's functionality and usefulness degraded. I can no longer use my scanner...I feel, honestly, that Windows 10 should not have been issued when it was not and is not ready IMHO...that is not from the viewpoint of a computer expert just as a User who had nil problems ever with 7 and so many with 10...

Surely an update should not stop you working on your machine when you want to...that seems to me a reasonable expectation...yet these updates just seem to arbitrarily auto load themselves onto my machine at any time regardless. I would dearly like to stop this really annoying and frustrating process.

I assume that since nobody else is having problems with this that there is a way to avoid this and if someone can help me with that it would be much appreciated. :)

In spite of this irregular process of updates when I check my update status I do seem to be in good shape and up to I cannot complain that the updates are not getting onto my machine correctly... :)