You do not have a legal copy of Windows 10 with a license for home use. You have the Enterprise version of Windows - which is normally for corporation use, and the Windows Activation method is Volume GVLK which is an activation method that uses a corporation's activation server to activate their Windows 10 within that corporation. You were scammed by whomever you purchased the computer from.

You are going to have to purchase a real and genuine version of Windows 7 or 8/8.1 and upgrade from that or purchase a real and genuine Windows 10. Whatever real and genuine Windows you purchase, you are going to have to do a clean install with and wipe out what you have now.

If you run showkey plus from this forum, maybe you would be lucky enough for there to be a Windows 8 key stored in bios and you would just have to download the matching version of Windows 10 from Microsoft and do a clean install of that.
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