Oh bother...

I'm running Windows 10 9879 in VMWare Workstation 10, this the third build that has this problem. I cannot and it will not let me sign into my Microsoft Account to start out with. The error code only seems to pertain to some Windows Update error on other versions of Windows. I can't really install many Windows updates, some do some don't. New build previews don't go either, an error code search will result in Windows update errors on other versions and doesn't do anything with 10. I also cannot activate it whatsoever.

It does connect to the Matrix and I can browse with IE just fine, but everything on that end of the spectrum doesn't work.

What could be the issue here?

I think I might use a spare drive and do a hard install on that of 10 since my SSD can't be partitioned enough for the install. My bet is VMWare doing something.