I am aware of the fix to this error, however:

My Problem:

After installing a bootable version of Windows 10 onto a USB, I am able to install a new version of Windows. However I get to a screen that requires a Product Key, I was running Windows 10 before this so I assume if I press the Skip button it might find an old version of Windows 10 and repair the files. After waiting a few hours for it to install I received another error saying I didn't use a Product Key and it was stuck there, I had to reset.

Sadly it returned to the install screen when I booted it back up.
The laptop came with Windows 8.1 Pre-Installed, but I recently went to 10 before the BSoD, I have no Product Key, am I royally screwed and have to pay for one? Or is there a way around this mess?

Thanks for reading.