MS is banking on Bing to replace Windows Search, IMO. They'll need to differentiate between search scopes just as they did in Windows Search (start menu searched programs, Explorer searched the location in focus, and saved Searches had two default searches; Everywhere and Indexed)

I've already submitted three or four feedbacks on search, but I'll do one more suggesting that Search be added to Control Panel -> Default Programs just as browsers, eMail, and media players are now. Furthermore, search settings should be added to control the scope of searches from the various search boxes (start, taskbar, search app ...)

I installed the Google Search app (from the MS store) hoping I could dovetail it into the taskbar - no such luck yet. I'll have to dig around the tutorials to see if Shawn already found the control (.search filetype ala .libraries - registry, xml file, special desktop entry ... ). I haven't spent much time trying to figure out what controls the search.

Side note: MS has made some fixes to the Bing website. Settings now stick, customization of the page now works, history and interests off stays off. MS also fixed Ad preferences - before you had to lower IE privacy to minimum to allow 3rd party cookies - I complained in feedback and it seems now as though you can off MS ads without changing the privacy setting. You still have to change it for the non MS ad opt-outs. That needs to be corrected to, all you need is the opt-out cookie and they should be 1st party cookies.

The thing that bugs me most is MS is trying to make Modern apps (search on the taskbar is a good example) be part of the Desktop. This just clouds the issue - they tried to force feed users the Modern apps in the initial release of Win8 and that wasn't well received. The Modern GUI might become the defacto GUI, but not in Win10 - maybe Win12 or Win14. That's almost 7 tears away, so they'll have to slowly move people over to the Modern apps. Some of them are cool (IE has a reader feature), some of them are just Modern versions of Desktop apps (ala vinyl, 8-track, cassette, CD, DVD, portable media players - same songs, different media format) Keep the two separate for at least another release. They'll be fewer of us old timers around to kvetch. Young folks will be wearing their computers/phones/media players/whatever those devices will be called on their wrists.