NavyLCDR said:
Yes, that is the way people who pay for Windows get Windows 10 permanently activated. They upgrade from a previously activated Windows 7/8/8.1.
Right I have three PC's here upgraded in place from OEM Win 7 pro to Win 10 RTM pro including this one which is a dual boot configuration with W10 RTM & Windows Insider test build 10547 on the same NTFS hdd. 2 of them had clean installs from within an actvared RTM Win 10 buld after the upgrades . The other one was upgraded over a frash win 7 clean install.

I was getting that the OP had a problem with a win 10 build refusing to re set or clean install over an activeted win 10 build or something like that .

Someone said they went back to win 7 from an activeted (maybe corrupt ) win 10 upgrade via a Win 7 clean install and was able to activate it then upgrade ( agian ) to Windows 10 from the same Win 7 OS .

OTOH I dont know if that was origionally an OEM or retail Win 7 build. :shrug: