I have Windows 10 Pro running with a retail key (not the generic upgrade key). I boot this installation sometimes natively and sometimes as a (VMWare Fusion) VM. Whichever I boot my installation is immediately seen as permanently activated (although the hardware is different of course).

Each time I swap though from native to VM or v.v. I get these 3 errors when trying to open any of the new apps (mail, store, news etc) and they immediately close.

Event 10001, DistributedCOM
Unable to start a DCOM Server: AppexNews as Unavailable/Unavailable. The error:
Happened while starting this command:
"C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.BingNews_4.5.168.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Microsoft.Msn.News.exe" -ServerName:AppexNews.AppX3vz52bd72d0ycrnwe6jysfgn7k1qcv00.mca

Event 111, Client-Licensing
License install failed for license Id 1c6579d7-c7e5-b432-7acf-8ac8576e5a61
Type: 3
Package (if available): 
User Id (if available): 
Result code: 0xC0EA0003

Event 5973, Apps
Activation of app Microsoft.BingNews_8wekyb3d8bbwe!AppexNews failed with error: Unknown HResult Error code: 0xc0eb0003 See the Microsoft-Windows-TWinUI/Operational log for additional information.
This is resolved when (after some time) I get the notification message in Action Center to verify my MS account (in Settings > Accounts > Your Account). After verification with my pin the apps all work again. They then continue to work until I boot the other way when the same issue happens.

Is there some way to force account verification on log-on as the length of time it takes is seemingly random and I can't verify my account (or use any of these apps) until it is done?