Windows 10: M$ block my key Solved

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       05 Sep 2015 #11

    Ok here a better explanation of the problem;

    As I said this was the Pc of my 13 years old son, the C; drive was a mess, even after the update it take 3 minutes too both, I the time I want to reformat and make a fresh Windows 7 install before upgrade but he refuse it. He said he will lost all his stuff ( he make a lot of mod on certain games ). I was using Intel Rapide Storage to cache the c: with a ssd. For do so you have to put the sata in raid in the BIOS. This bring my first mistake, the day before I planed to deactivate it and reboot before upgrade but in the rush I simply forget it. Actually I don’t forget it, my son put a password in the BIOS and I reset it remove the raid. But this was the mistake it remove it only on 1 bios as I use the button at the back of the Asus ROG board instead of removing the battery and short the connectors.

    During the fresh re install, I never enter a key, they ask me at the beginning for one and also at the end, they asked twice. It,s when I right click computer I see it was not activate and I try to activate it fail and ask me for a key ( I remember at one time the default upgrade one was written , the last part of it ) the I Google to get the phone # to activate….. I fall on a moron, instead of tell me he can’t do anything, he ask me my Windows 7 key,,,,,, and after he inform me that he block it. That I will not be able to use it for reinstall Windows 7 …’s then I guess really piss off. He said he block it because I tried to activate a copy on Windows 10 on a different computer with a 7 key, that was totally BS.

    So this is the story, I made few mistake and I fall on a moron who block my full retail Windows 7 Ultimate key that I pay .

    But this is a lesson; don’t expect to activate your upgrade if you change hardware. A HD is probably not enough but in my case the raid thing was. I remember after tht every time I add or change a raid card you have to reactivate. The double BIOS still also questionable. Let say it was not the typical Mom and Dad setup.

    So if you have to change the motherboard, reinstall Windows 7, activate it by phone and then upgrade….but do so before next July…..or it will not be free. Unless, is the 7 key still good for activation after you upgrade ? It must be so if you want to downgrade.

    What make me mad, is the stupid moron who block my legit key………… Now I used one of my windows 8 my Technet key to reinstall the thing.

    So no I don’t try to upgrade with a retail Windows 10 , and I never enter a key at install. Hope it’s clearer now

    As for the Linux think, forget it….no games, don’t give me the steam option, I play Stalker and battlefield , my accounting software run only in vm on it , no Adobe stuff……
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    Are you sure the Windows 7 key is blocked? My Windows 7 keys will not activate automatically over the internet, but when I call the Microsoft activation phone number, give them the installation ID, tell the computer asked question that I have installed this on only one computer, they respond with the activation code.

    There is a big difference between being locked out of automatic internet activation and the key being completely blocked by Microsoft.
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    i had same issue as my windows 8 was oem and i changed the mobo etc since first creating my microsoft account on win 8, and since it's technically not the same pc, it refused the win 10 update and had to buy a windows 10 key. the original win 8 oem key could be blocked as it's not on the original hardware, but didn't think Microsoft would be that bad. but i was always able to reinstall win 8 oem and activate with the automatic phone service.
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    PcQuebec said: View Post
    [B]sorry this tread is all mess up because I have to use my iPad with cellular at work. I will correct some misunderstanding tomorrow with a real keyboard and not $&@&&$ auto corrector.
    Ha! I totally understand THAT. Usually what I do is I keep the Predictive Text bar showing, that way I can just choose the text I have just input (showing on the left) and it won't autocorrect. Took me a while to get used to it. What I hate with iOS 7 and 8 is that Siri no longer uses the user dictionary that gets built as it learns what words you use, under iOS 6 I could add commonly used words to Siri and then she'd use those words in certain contexts. But with iOS 7 and 8 you have to use the predictive text bar.
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    Tepescovir said: View Post
    i had same issue as my windows 8 was oem and i changed the mobo etc since first creating my microsoft account on win 8, and since it's technically not the same pc, it refused the win 10 update and had to buy a windows 10 key.
    And that is exactly what Microsoft tells you what they think how OEM licenses are working. I am glad that such a restriction is not possible in my country.
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    I upgraded a retail Windows 8.1 Pro installation to Windows 10 Pro on a Samsung 840 Pro SSD in my desktop. I bought a new Samsung 850 Pro SSD (to move the 840 Pro to a laptop), replaced the 840 Pro and installed Windows 10 Pro from DVD media I created with the Media Creation Tool on the fresh 850 Pro. I never entered a key or code of any sort and my installation went flawlessly and was activated on completion. Once the install was up and running I flattened the 840 and proceeded to update my laptop....

    Something in your process is off....are you absolutely positive the underlying windows key was retail? I've updated about 7 windows installs to Windows 10 (including 3 VMs) and had absolutely no issues but the desktop was the only one where I replaced hardware AFTER the update and reinstalled. The laptop I replaced the drive with the 840 SSD couldn't update with it's existing drive configuration (Lenovo Y580 with 32GB SSD and 1TB HD), so I had to re-install windows 7 on it to update to 10. So the hardware replacement was before the update to Windows 10.

    Other than the issue I had with the Lenovo, the update and activation process has worked as Microsoft has specified it would work. I wonder if I swap out a drive on one of my laptops and reload - would it work as well, since those are OEM copies of windows. I would hope it would - Microsoft should only be using hardware hashes of the motherboard and CPU for system identification.
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