I have several related questions, so I'm hoping someone can answer at least part of them. Here's my situation:

I have Win7 (ultimate retail) installed as my primary OS. I am hesitant to use this particular license to upgrade to Win10. I have a Win8 Pro (upgrade) license, which I am using in a VM, although I never activated it. I have also installed Win10 (unactivated) in a VM using an iso downloaded from Microsoft.

What I would like to do is use my Win8 license to activate Win10 in the VM. Further down the line, I would eventually replace my primary OS to use Win10 using the same license.

Does anyone know if this will be possible and the best way to proceed as far as activating Win10 in the VM? ie. will I have to upgrade from Win8, or will I be able to activate my already-installed Win10 VM? I have not tried inputting my win8 license into Win10 yet because I'm unclear if I'll be stuck with only being able to use Win10 in the VM or if, as I mentioned, it will allow me to completely re-install as my primary OS at a later date.

This may be a bit of a confusing situation, so if any details are unclear, please ask and I'll clarify.


btw, I am a Windows software developer; hence my need to have several OS's installed in VMs.