July 2023 Security Updates
Updates this Month
This release consists of the following 130 CVEs and 2 Advisories:

Tag CVE Base Score CVSS Vector Exploitability FAQs? Workarounds? Mitigations?
Windows Certificates ADV230001
Windows EFI Partition ADV230002
Windows Netlogon CVE-2023-21526
Microsoft Graphics Component CVE-2023-21756
Windows Admin Center CVE-2023-29347
Windows Cluster Server CVE-2023-32033
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-32034
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-32035
Windows Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol CVE-2023-32037
Windows ODBC Driver CVE-2023-32038
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-32039
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-32040
Windows Update Orchestrator Service CVE-2023-32041
Windows OLE CVE-2023-32042
Windows Remote Desktop CVE-2023-32043
Windows Message Queuing CVE-2023-32044
Windows Message Queuing CVE-2023-32045
Windows MSHTML Platform CVE-2023-32046
Paint 3D CVE-2023-32047
Windows SmartScreen CVE-2023-32049
Windows Installer CVE-2023-32050
Microsoft Windows Codecs Library CVE-2023-32051
Microsoft Power Apps CVE-2023-32052
Windows Installer CVE-2023-32053
Windows Volume Shadow Copy CVE-2023-32054
Windows Active Template Library CVE-2023-32055
Windows Server Update Service CVE-2023-32056
Windows Message Queuing CVE-2023-32057
Windows Failover Cluster CVE-2023-32083
Windows HTTP.sys CVE-2023-32084
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-32085
.NET and Visual Studio CVE-2023-33127
Microsoft Office SharePoint CVE-2023-33134
Microsoft Office CVE-2023-33148
Microsoft Graphics Component CVE-2023-33149
Microsoft Office CVE-2023-33150
Microsoft Office Outlook CVE-2023-33151
Microsoft Office Access CVE-2023-33152
Microsoft Office Outlook CVE-2023-33153
Windows Partition Management Driver CVE-2023-33154
Windows Cloud Files Mini Filter Driver CVE-2023-33155
Windows Defender CVE-2023-33156
Microsoft Office SharePoint CVE-2023-33157
Microsoft Office Excel CVE-2023-33158
Microsoft Office SharePoint CVE-2023-33159
Microsoft Office SharePoint CVE-2023-33160
Microsoft Office Excel CVE-2023-33161
Microsoft Office Excel CVE-2023-33162
Windows Network Load Balancing CVE-2023-33163
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33164
Microsoft Office SharePoint CVE-2023-33165
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33166
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33167
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33168
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33169
ASP.NET and .NET CVE-2023-33170
Microsoft Dynamics CVE-2023-33171
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33172
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-33173
Windows Cryptographic Services CVE-2023-33174
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-35296
Windows PGM CVE-2023-35297
Windows HTTP.sys CVE-2023-35298
Windows Common Log File System Driver CVE-2023-35299
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-35300
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-35302
Microsoft Windows Codecs Library CVE-2023-35303
Windows Kernel CVE-2023-35304
Windows Kernel CVE-2023-35305
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-35306
Windows MSHTML Platform CVE-2023-35308
Windows Message Queuing CVE-2023-35309
Role: DNS Server CVE-2023-35310
Microsoft Office Outlook CVE-2023-35311
Windows VOLSNAP.SYS CVE-2023-35312
Windows Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) SnapIn CVE-2023-35313
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-35314
Windows Layer-2 Bridge Network Driver CVE-2023-35315
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-35316
Windows Server Update Service CVE-2023-35317
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-35318
Windows Remote Procedure Call CVE-2023-35319
Windows Connected User Experiences and Telemetry CVE-2023-35320
Windows Deployment Services CVE-2023-35321
Windows Deployment Services CVE-2023-35322
Windows Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) SnapIn CVE-2023-35323
Microsoft Printer Drivers CVE-2023-35324
Windows Print Spooler Components CVE-2023-35325
Windows CDP User Components CVE-2023-35326
Windows Transaction Manager CVE-2023-35328
Windows Authentication Methods CVE-2023-35329
Windows SPNEGO Extended Negotiation CVE-2023-35330
Windows Local Security Authority (LSA) CVE-2023-35331
Windows Remote Desktop CVE-2023-35332
Microsoft Media-Wiki Extensions CVE-2023-35333
Microsoft Dynamics CVE-2023-35335
Windows MSHTML Platform CVE-2023-35336
Windows Win32K CVE-2023-35337
Windows Peer Name Resolution Protocol CVE-2023-35338
Windows CryptoAPI CVE-2023-35339
Windows CNG Key Isolation Service CVE-2023-35340
Windows Media CVE-2023-35341
Windows Image Acquisition CVE-2023-35342
Windows Geolocation Service CVE-2023-35343
Role: DNS Server CVE-2023-35344
Role: DNS Server CVE-2023-35345
Role: DNS Server CVE-2023-35346
Windows App Store CVE-2023-35347
Azure Active Directory CVE-2023-35348
Windows Active Directory Certificate Services CVE-2023-35350
Windows Active Directory Certificate Services CVE-2023-35351
Windows Remote Desktop CVE-2023-35352
Windows Connected User Experiences and Telemetry CVE-2023-35353
Windows Kernel CVE-2023-35356
Windows Kernel CVE-2023-35357
Windows Kernel CVE-2023-35358
Windows NT OS Kernel CVE-2023-35360
Windows NT OS Kernel CVE-2023-35361
Windows Clip Service CVE-2023-35362
Windows Kernel CVE-2023-35363
Windows NT OS Kernel CVE-2023-35364
Windows Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) CVE-2023-35365
Windows Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) CVE-2023-35366
Windows Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS) CVE-2023-35367
Mono Authenticode CVE-2023-35373
Paint 3D CVE-2023-35374
Visual Studio Code CVE-2023-36867
Service Fabric CVE-2023-36868
Azure Active Directory CVE-2023-36871
Microsoft Windows Codecs Library CVE-2023-36872
Windows Error Reporting CVE-2023-36874
Microsoft Office CVE-2023-36884

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KB Article Applies To
5028166 Windows 10, version 21H2 and Windows 10, version 22H2
5028168 Windows 10, version 1809, Windows Server 2019
5028171 Windows Server 2022
5028182 Windows 11, version 21H2
5028185 Windows 11, version 22H2
5028222 Windows Server 2008 (Monthly Rollup)
5028224 Windows Server 2008 R2 (Security-only update)
5028226 Windows Server 2008 (Security-only update)
5028240 Windows Server 2008 R2 (Monthly Rollup)
Released: Jul 11, 2023
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