Toshiba Windows 10 not updated since 2019

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    Toshiba Windows 10 not updated since 2019

    Hi, any of you super clever people know why my laptop is stuck on build 1901 and keeps giving me a message saying 'Windows feature may 2020 update is on its way, well let you know when your device is ready' I've tried a clean install, media creations disc etc etc, but every time it updates it rolls back at around 38% to previous settings. I've run out of ideas
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    Hi, unfortunately I doubt anyone here is super-clever enough to know the model or age of your laptop.
    What Windows did it originally come with? Was that 32 bits or 64 bits? And which are you now installing?
    Please provide a link to the driver download page for the device.

    There never was a build 1901... The forum asked your build number thus:
    Toshiba Windows 10 not updated since 2019-win-10-version.png

    Are you saying that you can only successfully clean install a particular build, and nothing later than that build?

    Two things can keep you on a particular build.
    a. a Safeguard hold imposed by MS - which prevents upgrade via Windows Update.
    b. a policy set by the group policy editor or in the registry to target a particular build. (target feature update)

    Beyond that, some kind of incompatibility may cause the installation to fail.

    As for diagnosing an upgrade failure, as we have said many many times, it's hard and very time-consuming and uncertain of success.

    Feel free to search based on the exact failure message, use setupdiag.exe (free from MS), and read the various log files.
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    Sorry, my error. It's version 1909 installed on 28.8.2019 O.S Build 18363.1556.
    It's a Toshiba satellite laptop that was originally purchased with Windows 8.1.
    It did the free upgrade to 1903 in 2019, then no version updates since.
    I keep getting messages stating my laptop is not upto date and to install the latest version but it always rolls back to 1903 version, part way through the update.
    the last fail error code was apparently due to driver issues, but they are all upto date.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Model number and link to driver download page please?

    This for example tells you if 32 or 64 bits:
    Toshiba Windows 10 not updated since 2019-1.jpg

    Have you ever blocked Windows Update?
    If you haven't, and it kept failing and trying to update, you would have found that profoundly annoying, so I'm puzzled.

    There is no guarantee that a particular unsupported device can be upgraded indefinitely.

    As to driver issues, that could relate to all manner of drivers- including drivers provided by 3rd party programs not listed via the Device Manager.

    How have you checked/updated drivers?

    Ensure the integrity of your current O/S.
    chkdsk c: /scan
    - both from an admin command prompt of course.
    Ensure those pass.

    Disconnect any external devices you don't need.

    Uninstall fully any 3rd party security software.

    Ensure you have at least 30Gb free on C:

    Check your partition layout.

    Try the upgrade again, but this time WITHOUT accepting updates - you can disconnect the internet.
    This helped me with one upgrade I had problems with once.

    Record exactly and precisely any failure message and error number

    Run setupdiag.exe
    Inspect results, log files, and search based on those.
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    We get lota who cant update from old versions as it doesnt have files needed. If you get the latest ISO boot from that and do a clean install its always worked
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    I can say that your Laptop was probably on the Toshiba Windows 10 compatibility list, back then, just.

    You should be going to Windows updates and installing drivers, updates starting from the oldest working your way up to present date. Safest is one at a time, however you can clump together several sometimes.
    This will amount to well over 100 updates since 2019.
    Repeat the procedure with Windows updates.

    Tedious as you have left it for 4 years.

    I am well aware this goes against the majority of advice on this forum, but the facts are that mine has worked efficiently for 9 years, and indeed I'm using it now.

    My Toshiba Laptop from 2014 which originally had Windows 8.1 installed, and now is on Windows 10 22H2, originally updated to 10 in 2016 and subsequently updated using Windows 10 updates, latest driver update from Dynabook(Toshiba) was Sept 2022.
    Performance has remained the same and there never has been a so-called clean install.
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