windows update 22H2

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    Windows 10 Pro

    windows update 22H2

    at last I got a message that windows update 22H2 is ready for me
    but after the "update" I'm still in winver 1809 but but less free space in drive C
    Does anyone has a clue? what happened? do I need more space to finish the update?
    is there anything I can safely delete from drive C:?
    thank you
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Hi, assuming the upgrade failed, you may have some temporary files around. You could run Disk Cleanup, for example.

    Please post a screenshot of Settings, About show your build number just to confirm.

    How much free space is there on C: ?
    I note you are running Kaspersky, Some 3rd party AVs interfere with upgrades- some don't.

    Have you tried basic checks...
    a. check your disk(s) (Hard Disk Sentinel- excellent- run it, functional trial & given away). More basic- Crystal Diskinfo.
    b. If ok run
    chkdsk c: /scan
    from an admin command prompt
    c. If ok similarly run
    sfc /SCANNOW

    If ok, you could try the
    MS update assistant
    (just search for it).

    Opt not to receive updates during that.

    If the attempt fails, not any error message EXACTLY.

    Then run
    free from MS (Google/search)

    and post the result. This attempts to analyse the Windows Update log files
    Read Windows Update Logs in Windows 10
    against some known cases.

    As you are on such an old build, have you disabled Windows update?
    If Windows Update was working normally but updates were failing, you would get frequent and annoying reattempts. This seems not to be the case, so I wonder how you are still on build 1809.

    There are other approaches, but let's first get the answers to these basic points before confusion arises.
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    failure to update to 22H2

    Thank you Dalcina for helping me so many times
    I assume that the update failed since I remained in winver 1809
    but I got no error message
    the only sign was that drive C: got fat
    so I assume that I didn't have enough space
    my system was on an old 110GB ssd
    replaced it with an empty and unused 250GB ssd
    reclaimed the unallocated space after macrium restore fro, the image I generated yesterday
    and now I believe I have enough space
    A word of explanation: C: is small because I do not install programs to C: (and when I'm forced to do that I migrate to another drive)
    Another question:
    under C:\Users do I really need the following folders
    Default (tiny)
    Default.migrated (even tinier)
    DefaultAppTool (empty)

    why do I need anything except my profile and All Users
    Can I cause damage by erasing the above folders
    thanks again

    - - - Updated - - -

    Yes, I blocked updates for sometime because last update to winver 1909 did not recognize my 6TB internal disk.
    But my laptop succeeded in updating to 1909 and recognized this 6TB disk (I checked with a docking station) so I removed the program that prevented update and indeed had few minor update until 22H2 came and failed
    I did all tests you mentioned and they are irrelevant since I replaced C by a new disk
    except for setupdiag that I didn't know. but even from cmd I didn't get any response
    will try to update again tomorrow and will report
    thank you
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)


    - simply double click it.

    You will see from
    - it creates a log file.

    When SetupDiag finishes, two files will be created in the same folder where you double-clicked SetupDiag. One is a configuration file, the other is a log file.
    Use Notepad to open the log file: SetupDiagResults.log.
    under C:\Users do I really need the following folders
    Default (tiny)
    Default.migrated (even tinier)
    DefaultAppTool (empty)
    Arbitrarily deleting files/folders if unsure what they do can lead to unexpected issues.

    I did all tests you mentioned and they are irrelevant since I replaced C by a new disk
    would certainly not be irrelevant.

    Please confirm you ran that and that it passed.
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    windows update 22H2

    setupdiag created empty log file
    I'll have to use it right after an update

    I avoided the scan since I don't want any dll to be replaced by original window dll so that some of my programs won't work
    thank you
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Any major upgrade witll do exactly that anyway.... so...
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    failure to update to 22H2

    I didn't know that
    anyhow tried again to update and failed
    now setupdialog generated SetupDiagResults.log and a bunch of files in
    attached please find setupdiagresults.log but I failed to attach
    inside the zip there is one dmp file, 14 xml files & 3 log files including the attached
    if setupact.log & setupact_rollback.log are important I will extract and upload them separately
    Now the big question, apart from why the update failed, is this:
    do I go back or stay with smaller C: as it is now (with added $WINDOWS.~BT, $WinREAgent and probably few more that I don't see in ProgramData and Users
    thank you
    windows update 22H2 Attached Files
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Inevitably a major upgrade means (amost) all system files are replaced.

    Diagnosing upgrade failures is hard, demanding, requires detailed analysis of log files - which is often unproductive- iterative, time consuming... you can find example threads. I've not seen a recent one from the couple of people who used to do this.

    Log files can be zipped and uploaded- the forum has size limits on uploads and that is stated in a tutorial.

    Before attempting to upgrade ensure you have a full current disk image of at least all Windows partitions.

    You haven't quoted an error message, or said how you attempted the upgrade.

    I note your BIOS is old from about 2013. You should ensure you have the latest available to you.
    Uninstall any 3rd party security programs completely.

    Then complete the checks as before:
    chkdsk and SFC

    Sometimes upgrade failures can be resolved with an in-place upgrade repair install - using an iso of the same major build as you have now- freely downloadable, tutorial available.

    Feel free to research your error message and the report from setupdiag.exe.

    I found this
    Solved - Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 BSOD | Windows 8 Help Forums

    - referring to a thread on tenforums where the same setupdiag.exe report was resolved.
    DebugSetupMemoryDump - C7C63D8A-C5F6-4255-8031-74597773C3C6
    See if you can find that thread.
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    update was done as usual via settings --> update & security
    not only my bios is old my pc is the first one in 35 years that I didn't change after 5 years (because it works so good except for the updates issue)
    since you reminded me iso I have a last crazy idea before buying a new pc:
    I'd like to update gradually using Heidoc Windows ISO Downloader (you once recommended) starting with, say, winver 1909
    does that sound reasonable?
    many thanks again
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    You are welcome to keep trying to upgrade- I think I mentioned the MS Update Assistant.

    You need to resolve the problem. So, review the thread where your error message was resolved. Then decide what you need to do.

    Many many things can stop upgrades. Presence of certain drivers, Remnants of certain programs. Partition or space issues. etc.

    As far as I know you've not even done anything to verify the integrity of your (old) installed O/S so far.

    (Both my laptops are older than your PC... and haven't had or needed a clean install...)
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