Windows 10: not activated now Solved

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       04 Sep 2015 #11

    Night Hawk and all

    First time user of Marium today....

    Well yesterday, I download the trial version of Macrium, and today decided to try using it. I have a 1tb backup system that was not being using and it has a 931 mb drive in it. When trying macrium I just wanted to try cloning my Drive C; 931mb ,
    so today I used the Macrium software to clone (copy) my Drive C: Windows 10 system to the Drive G: (formatted). I sestup all the parameter as for the cloning and told it OK.

    It did all the cloning in 51 minutes, and please see the attached graphic showing. I clones c: to g:

    at least now - I know it all works for me, and I looked at all several of the files on G that were cloned.
    Attachment 35752

    Thanks for all your knowledge ... experience .... time and assistance. best to all.. Cliff M.

    trying to do a repost with better info.
    I had to change the Drives to C and H
    please see below at the clone.
    Attachment 35756
    .. thanks.. Cliff >
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       04 Sep 2015 #12

    Sometimes when I am reading info, and I go to read something else... I can seem to never find the old one again.
    Thanks for all posted here.
    Cliff M.
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       05 Sep 2015 #13

    I first cloned the former 7 host/boot drive here only using the 2010 version of Acronis True Image Home edition in preparation for seeing that upgrade to 10 but wasn't aware of the need to unplug the two Non OS storage drives when first going after the first upgrade. At first assuming the clone while booting normally was at the cause for seeing failures I nuked the drive and put a fresh copy of 7 on and still saw the failed upgrade attempts until reviewing the clean install guide here where that saw the caution about the need to see the extra drives unplugged. Sure enough once they were 10 went right on!

    As for Macrium Reflect that's another program that generally sees a good reputation there too. I just happen to see the full retail package for Acronis while in a Circuit City outlet one night and grabbed Acronis which still runs now on 10 as well it first did on 7!

    Now as for the drive lettering you have there and that's 931GB = 931Gigabytes not MB for megabytes however most would want the dvd drive set as "D" while it's no longer a necessity unless some older program requires it. At one time most apps had to be D as well as any games that require a disk be in the drive be set as the same letter it was stalled from.

    I'm assuming those smaller 300mb and 400mb size partitions are the System Reserved while the two at the back of the drive are OEM recovery if I am correct. Here when going to change the 7 laptops layout and not able to resize the C primary I ended up wiping the entrie drive to see a fresh primary as well as a second smaller back up partition since it won't be seeing any external drive put to use. I still need to grab a system image of that drive before seeing it returned to the owner.
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       14 Sep 2015 #14

    NavyLCDR said: View Post
    First, I would try calling Microsoft. Second, to summarize what Night Hawk wrote, you might have to re-install a version of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. It does not need to be updated, just make sure it is activated. Then do another upgrade of that to Windows 10 using the "Upgrade this PC now" option of the Media Creation Tool. Make sure the upgrade is activated. Then if you desire you can do a clean install of Windows 10.

    The Microsoft activation servers are very sketchy at keeping activations - but seems like if you get a good solid activation you'll be OK. I've been lucky, I've got 7 computers upgraded (and 3 with clean installs over the upgrades) that have never had an activation problem ....YET.
    LCDR. thanks and I read you message a lot earlier, and did call MS, and talked with two different people there and they said all is fine with my new upgrade win10. thanks so muc for your comments and all your help to me and others.
    Cliff M acmaten
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       14 Sep 2015 #15

    Glad to hear things are going well for you there! When first going to set up the second OS drive here with a clone of 7 using the 2010 Home edition of Acronis True Image it took a bit longer then 51 minutes even longer then a full hour due to how much was actually on the 7 drive itself a great deal being of all things what you will find in the Steam sub folders! Try a little bit over 300gb! That includes not only Steam titles but 3rd party developer mods you add on in the SteamApps\Source mods folder!

    When the upgrade to 10 there kept failing I nuked the drive clean for a fresh copy of 7 and SP1 which is requited to still see 10 fail ot go due to having the two other drives plugged in even while the 7host/boot drive now secondary wasn't! 10 won't install to usb drives and will most likely ignore external drives while any internal non OS drives will have to be unplugged in the event you should need a clean install at some later date. In case you decide to keep the 500gb drive installed for additional storage and backup purposes like a good place to store full system image backups perhaps? or add a larger drive internally to see that one gone complaterly like I just saw the two new 2tb Sata II drives replace the pair of 5yr. old Sata 3 drives to grab a deal on a pair of Heavy Duty enterprise server type drives generally more durable you will have to at least unplug the data cable during any upgrade to repair or Reset PC op if not a full clean install while booted from the 10 media in order to avoid what I explained earlier.

    In fact I finally go around to posting about this being a problem on the upgrade guide there since the warning had been seen on the clean install guide only about non OS drives while people coming in for the first time are reporting the exact same upgrade problems which can also be seen during a clean install. Boot files and temporary installation files and folders ending up in the wrong places!

    With previous versions of Windows you would typically unplug Disk 0 when installing an older version onto Disk 1 to prevent the older version's boot information from ending up on the wrong drive and then leave Disk 1 plugged in when the newer automatically added the older in as a boot option when going to install the newer version last. If you later decide to try a dual boot set up this is something I can pass along to you here although a program like EasyBCD can add a new boot entry in for you if you decide to unplug the Disk 1 when installing 10 on Disk 0 and will still need to unplug any additional drives.
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