Update forced on 8/18 caused the same issues on two of my computers running W10 .

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3081444)

Updates were downloaded and all of a sudden I get about a dozen or so blank objects on my desktop that look like note files. However there are no names underneath them, you can't open them, delete them, get properties, anything. Also, can't get start menu to open up, and any task bar items I roll my cursor across disappear as I do that till I have nothing left.

So, go to shut down and it attempts to do that, but after a few minutes it just pops back up to the same screen before I tried to shut down.

I had to physically power down both computers, then power back on to get all functionality in my system. All seems to be working fine now, just curious if anyone knows what may have caused this.

Hating the forced W10 updates... about to apply the registry hack not to autocheck for updates till MS comes around to their senses and gives us users the ability to manage updates on our own.