Marnie said:
There wasn't any specific update that I took notice of. I wanted to roll back to before Feb 28th, but I kept getting a message saying I could only go back to March 1, so that didn't help me.

I went to the HP site about the touch screen problems. It didn't help me any.

I Marnie
You might contact HP's tech support by phone if possible to see if they can point you in the right direction for the specific driver you need for your issue. dalchina did point you in the right direction for the drivers for your PC, but it's hard to tell which driver you need for the touch screen issue?

That said, you might try the "Software Solutions" package to see if it'll find any drivers that need updating. I use Lenovo's Vantage software to keep my Laptop's drivers and BIOS up to date without issue. On my custom built desktop I manually manage my drivers.

Good luck.