Failed to install updates?? when it's up-to-date  

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    Failed to install updates?? when it's up-to-date

    Running windows 10 20H2.
    Checking my updates history today, I noted that a number of recent updates failed to install with the same error code (screenshot). There was no warning or notices about this. I suspect that the error code may mean the update was interrupted by a system shut down - it's happened before with no alert or notice, frustration trying to find out what happened, and it self corrects after a time when next powered up.
    Why there is no alert if a shut down is attempted whilst an update is in progress just beggars the imagination.
    Yet when I check the system updates page, it says I am up to date, whilst displaying those failed to installed entries in the history page.

    So, just what is going on? It cannot be up-to-date if there are outstanding failed to install updates.
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    In the taskbar search box, type: winver and post a screenshot of that.

    Also might want to check in Control Panel > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Please run:

    The Windows update troubleshooter > post images of detailed results

    Tuneup.bat - Click here to go to the BSOD batch repository to download and run this batch file.


    LOGS.bat - Click here to go to the BSOD batch repository to download and run this batch file.

    For share links please use one drive, drop box, or google drive.
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    Re-started the PC for the evening session, I read the replies . .
    1. checked the P&F view installed updates - they were not in the list.
    2. did the winver thing - attached.
    3. went to the updates page - and now there are 2 pending updates, the very ones the history said were failed. clicked on re-try, and they both were downloaded, installed. Now they show in the history page, and the prior entries of failure are gone.
    I don't mind stopping shutdown when told about an on-going update; but this update by stealth and screwing it up is just crazy - the left hand and right hand are not talking, and neither of then thinks to stop the foot from doing a shutdown when a download is going on . . .

    So, yet again, the stealthy update by MS screwed me over. I cannot stop updates - I much preferred the manual method of win 7; I had a disciplined process to do that regularly, and because i knew it was going on, I did nothing on the PC until it was over. Now, Win 10 doesn't allow that: it will do it, but won't stop other actions on the PC like a shut down. As I said: crazy.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Hi, it is an unfortunate fact of life that failed updates are reattempted repeatedly. That's Windows. That's MS. Hmm.

    You can take some measure of control e.g.
    Turn On or Off Windows Update Restart Notifications in Windows 10
    Schedule Restart Time for Windows Update in Windows 10
    Pause Updates or Resume Updates for Windows Update in Windows 10
    Enable or Disable Check for Windows Updates in Windows 10
    Enable or Disable Windows Update Automatic Updates in Windows 10

    Option 7 of this suggests one of the free 3rd party utilties that disables Windows Update and gives you manual control.

    Options are more limited in Home than Pro, and it seems you have Home.

    Should your problem recur:
    As a matter of good practice and to cover basics:
    - check your disk(s) e.g. Hard Disk Sentinel (trial) (SSDs too)
    - If ok, run
    chkdsk c: /scan
    from an admin command prompt and check it passes.

    - as advised above- run the Windows Update Troubleshooter and post a screenshot of the result.
    - then use
    Reset Windows Update in Windows 10
    - then run the Troubleshooter again if it previously failed.

    If the troubleshooter fails, you can try repairing Windows Update by
    a. Using's free repair tool observing the preparatory steps and only selecting relevant repairs.
    b. an in-place upgrade repair install which keeps all progs and data (tutorial available)
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    Win 10 Home ♦♦♦19045.3758 (x64) [22H2]


    Well, for w/e reason winver says you're up-to-date now.
    As Dalchina mentioned, these are the ways to get control over Windows Update...
    Enable or Disable Windows Update Automatic Updates in Windows 10

    ...I use Option Seven myself. But even then, I still see oddities in the lists of what's installed and what's not.
    As far as I understand... the .844 update IS this Tuesday's Windows Update. (Preview, I guess).
    Although, Microsoft may "adjust" it a bit after 9:00am California time.

    As a rule of thumb, I've always done manual updates. I don't like Microsoft having too much control.

    On Ten Forums, I've found a subsection of the forum that I personally, really like... Windows 10 News.

    One of our forum's Admins, @Brink , seems to get the Microsoft news, regarding updates and patches, etc., even faster than the rest of the internet does.
    I always check there and see what updates are coming, and am then able to handle them manually, on MY schedule.

    Generally, I make a Macrium Reflect backup, then make a sandwich, then do the updates, while I'm AT the computer.

    Another very useful tool is the In-Place Upgrade. It more or less repairs Windows, while leaving your programs and files... intact.
    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

    On MY computer it took about 40 minutes, start to finish, and I haven't really had any update issues since I did this, back in July 2020.

    Here is the short version of the In-place upgrade tutorial...

    DISABLE non-Microsoft:
    a) antivirus software
    b) firewall software
    c) drive encryption software

    Make a full OS backup with a program like Macrium Reflect (free)
    Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free

    Go here and get the Media Creation Tool and save it to your desktop.

    RUN the Media Creation Tool and use it to: Create an ISO image... save IT to your desktop.
    This will be the latest version of the ISO image.

    Right click the ISO image and choose: MOUNT
    Open File Explorer and you will see a new drive letter. It will look like a DVD optical drive.
    Double click the new drive letter to open it.
    Find setup.exe and double click it to start the in-place upgrade.

    Choose the Keep personal files and apps option.

    After it's all done... to UNmount the ISO image, right click the new drive letter and choose: EJECT.

    The ONLY thing you will lose is some of your personalizations. Your programs and data will be intact.

    Ofc, all of this assumes your hardware and internet are functioning properly.

    Lastly... with Windows 10, if you're looking for consistency from Microsoft... I wouldn't hold my breath.
    On Windows 10, more than any other Windows OS, I've had to learn to "go with the flow", and not let it upset me.

    Windows 10 seems to need "adult supervision". Microsoft probably does as well.
    Don't let Microsoft or Windows 10, out of your sight for even a second.

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    Thanks for that. Reviewed, took option 7.
    Even tho it takes over from windows update, the status of windows update as at the time of install and activation is unchanged - but apparently not updated further either. The details say it isn't "installed" - and since after saving and running, it isn't in the P&F list maybe that just means it's under the bar: saved, is not in the registry, executes but doesn't leave traces for windows??
    In that respect - running WAU found 2 updates for hardware that I'd just ignored: as a test enabled and did them. Afterwards, they didn't show in the P&F history or the updates page but certainly in the WAU history list.

    Tomorrow is patch tuesday - it will be interesting to see what happens: in a manual mode I don't do updates until update day+3 - gives MS time to pull their mistakes before it bites me on the bum, as doing it on the day once did.

    Uninstalling WAU is done - how?
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    You can't 'uninstall' WU - it's not a program. You disable it using either the utility or the tutorial.

    Any discrepancies - see my previous post.
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    Reviewed both the program interface and the tutorial (the browser how to pages) and found nothing that disbabled the utility in either place - plenty in uninstall updates etc, but not that. So where is the disable button??
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Failed to install updates?? when it's up-to-date-1.png
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