Windows 10 Pro
Version 1909
OS Build 18363.1411

Hi All
For the past couple of weeks, my PC has stopped going into Sleep Mode by itself. It works if I manually put it to sleep, but not if I rely on my Power Plan and am away from the PC for a while. I've changed nothing in the plan or settings that could make this happen.

I've back tracked on anything new that I have installed or done recently - there wasn't much.

What I have found is that the issue occurs when a particular Windows Update - namely KB4601380 - has been installed.

When I uninstalled this update, everything returned to normal and Sleep Mode worked as it should. Then Windows redid the same update automatically and the problem returned. I again uninstalled this update and paused Updates for a week. No more Sleep issues again. Of course, once Updates were unpaused, along came KB4601380, bringing with it the original problem.

So my questions are . .
1) Is this an important update and do I really need it?
2) If not important, how do I prevent Windows Update from continually downloading and installing the update. I've used Microsoft's wushowhide utility to no avail. but may be doing something wrong?
3) If it is important, what can I try to cure the issue it's giving me?

With many thanks and best wishes

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Update Preventing Windows Going into Sleep Mode

Possible solutions