Windows 10 update bugs causing lockup on bootup

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    Windows 10 update bugs causing lockup on bootup

    Looking for a solution which isnt "start again".

    Been trying to get cumultive update to install on my laptop, its extra frustrating as this isnt top end hardware so its long waiting periods.

    It takes about 20 minutes for the update to reach 100% and I can do the reboot.
    As its booting backup from 35%-100%. Around 95% it fails and starts rolling back the update, this process takes about another 20 minutes.
    The first 2 times I did get back into windows to try again, but now it wont boot, it normally boots in abut 2-3 seconds but now it spins for about 10 seconds before the spinning circle freezes up completely.

    Where do I go from here?

    This is on a clean install, it was installed yesterday. However I have spent time getting things configured etc. so dont want to be wiping and starting again.

    1809 LTSC
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    Hi, have you been using disk imaging routinely and regularly?
    So often recommended here so you can rescue yourself from difficult situations by restoring your PC to a previous good state.
    E.g. Macrium Reflect (Free) + large enough external storage.

    Or, have you enabled System Restore, so you can trigger a restore point having booted your PC from a live boot disk or Win 10 install disk?

    If you have not taken these basic precautions you could be in difficulty.

    Create a live boot disk and boot your PC from it and check your disk. E.g. Bob Omb's or Kyhi's boot disk.
    - was there a reason that led to you doing a clean install?
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    Thats what I just done, I actually made an image just before I ran the updates as a precaution and I have already restored it and am attempting the update again now.

    Concerning though that it broke so easily, I have also now enabled a permanent advanced startup menu as I couldnt even get into safe mode from the repair menu.

    Clean install was because I came from windows 8 and did not want junk from that install on the system.

    Also some other information, I tried the following before I gave up and restored image backup.

    SFC from the command line inside repair mode, failed at 100% saying windows protection failed.
    If I tried safe mode from the repair mode (they make it very diffilcult for you to pick this, they even have the nuclear option of wiping windows as favourable option), it just rebooted into repair mode again.
    If I selected wipe previous quality update, it said not allowed as a update is pending.
    If I selected attempt automatic repair, it failed.
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    Good. Please confirm- is this an update or upgrade? What exactly is it that is failing?

    If you're unsure, you can use a 3rd party tool to scan for updates - e.g. WUMT - Windows Update Minitool - that lists them with checkboxes.
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    Its just an update, LTSC doesnt have upgrades.

    It has failed again, when I am back on the desktop I will give you the KB number,

    It fails after the reboot at 95-96%.

    "we couldnt complete the updates, undoing changes"

    There is no previous updates installed prior to this.

    So updates are.

    KB4465065 (microcode update).
    KB4579976 .net update
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    Manually install this Windows Update, KB4578968 and restart, then try updating Manually from this link
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    That update is not installed.

    Now here is whats interesting, I checked my currently installed updates (remember I said I havent done any before this).

    It has kb4601393 installed a windows update service stack update.

    On my other 2 LTSC machines which I setup using the same image, neither have that update and WU says they up to date.

    Sadly I cannot uninstall it, the button isnt there.

    It is very recent, and this update could be whats breaking it?


    I wiped the windows update directory, still a no go.

    I will try to do one update at a time to see which one might be failing but I think it is related to this new stack that got released on 9th february. Also one of the updates is super slow, it was nowhere near that slow to install on the other machines and whilst the laptop isnt high end hardware, its still an ssd for storage and a mid range 2017 cpu. It wouldnt surprise me if its that specific update that will fail when I do one at a time.

    Also time for image restore again, back to hanging boot, in over 20 years of using Windows, I have never seen anything like this, but this is also the first time I have been using windows 10 on production machines. (the permanent boot menu got me into safe mode, but within a second of the desktop been up the diagnosing your pc boot menu appears taking over, then a exception error with startrep.exe)

    Using wumgr I installed them all except kb4598230. Thats the one that fails.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well I got there in the end.

    So like my other machines I have in group policy to defer quality updates for 14 days.

    However it looks like somehow on my laptop a update newer than 14 days sneaked on it (servicing stack update), I expect the jan 2021 cumulative update requires the previous servicing stack so I had to disable the defer and now I managed to install the feb 2021 update.

    The boom out of this though is I discovered wumgr, and love it so will take the positives as well as learning the importance of synchronisation of updates. Thanks to all who offered assistance.
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    Glad it worked out for you. Not all are so lucky!
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    dalchina said:
    Glad it worked out for you. Not all are so lucky!
    Indeed, first thing I am doing is a new image now I got to this point.
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