Can you change a license key?

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    win 10

    Can you change a license key?

    I am trying to update my win 1909 tower to win 2004, but its not working. I obtained the key from a once said to be reliable source - nowadays - reading posts it seems to become questionable. As the key is stored in the firmware chip on the mainboard, must I trash the mainboard and look for a more reliable source?
    Looking forward to your answer and please excuse my English, I'm German.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    maygar said:
    I am trying to update my win 1909 tower to win 2004, but its not working. I obtained the key from a once said to be reliable source - nowadays - reading posts it seems to become questionable. As the key is stored in the firmware chip on the mainboard, must I trash the mainboard and look for a more reliable source?
    Looking forward to your answer and please excuse my English, I'm German.
    Settings > (search for activation, or your language equiavalent) > Activatation > Change activation key for this device.
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    Win 11 Pro 22000.708

    If you entered the key, it is not stored on the motherboard. The activation information is usually present on Microsoft's activation servers.

    I don't know how Microsoft handles a key when they blacklist it. You may be perfectly safe until it is necessary to activate again.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    You don`t use a key to update 1909 to 2004, you just update it.

    Download the 2004 ISO File from here, once you have it, open it with windows explorer and click on setup.The update will then begin. Be sure to save Apps and Data, it`ll walk you right through it.

    Like I said, wait another 3 to 4 months before updating. 1909 works great, there`s no need to update it yet

    Use the Download Toll and just save the ISO file to your PC, that`s it, don`t do anything else.

    Create a 2004 Folder named well... W10 2004.

    Save the Media Creation Tool and the 2004 ISO File in that folder.

    Let us know when you get all that done.
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    Windows 7 HP 64 - Windows 10 Pro - Lubuntu

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Did the laptop came with Win 10?
    Win 10 has two updates a year. You can update from one version to another for free.
    AddRAM gave you all the instructions to download and run the 2004 version.

    He also recommends to wait another 3 to 4 months before updating. Now it has many bugs and problems.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Latest RP

    Most of those who have reported errors or issues with 2004 have been those that have manually installed the update, by their choice.

    Microsoft has instigated a new system for upgrades recently, where they only offer the automatic upgrade to those systems that meet certain specifications. What this does is ensure anyone who is likely to "fall Foul" of known issues does not automatically get updated.

    People have the option when they are not offered the upgrade to manually download the software and upgrade to the latest version, this is of course an "at your own risk option", and in a lot of cases this will actually cause no serious issues, due to the fact that Microsoft is a little over cautious and not every user uses every function in Windows, (so will not trigger the known issue )

    Bottom line is I strongly recommend that unless you are a risk taker who is aware of the potential problems, and happy to continue, that all users wait until they are officially offered the upgrade before proceeding

    Version 1903/1909 are presently at a stage that is most likely to be stable (1909 is basically a bug fix release to 1903, which is the current practice)

    I have run every version of Windows 10 since release and updated to each new version when offered it by Microsoft, apart from an occasional minor issue with third party Hardware/software, where drivers were not ready), have not seen any issues.

    Patience is the best policy
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    win 10
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for so much input

    I've quickly popped in to look at the answers and I'm overwhelmed.
    My problem is not solved at the moment for lack of time but you all
    gave me a lot of input to try out.
    In a few days time I shall let you know how thinks worked out

    Great Thanks already
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    Windows 10 IoT

    If your current 1909 install is activated, no product code is needed to upgrade to 2004. It will likely upgrade even if it isn't activated to be honest.
    Your Digital License is Edition (Home , Pro etc) specific but not locked into a specific build number. No new code is needed to upgrade to a new build.
    My laptop has an embedded OEM key for 8 Core. That would get me 10 Home on a clean install. I can switch Editions to Pro etc with a Change Product Key. That laptop has multiple Digital Licenses for Home, Pro, Pro Workstation, etc. I haven't had to enter a product code in ages.
    As far as I know, Black Listed Keys, will just show up as "not a valid key for this edition" when entered. As they are not valid for any edition.

    EDIT: In response to the thread title, yes you can change product codes. You can enter a different product code for that same Edition to go from not activated to activated. I've seen it done numerous times when a "to good to be true" product code was bought on E-Bay and didn't activate. They bought a good key from reputable seller and they were activated.
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    Windows 10

    You do not need a product/license key to update Windows 10. Saying that you would only need one if your version was not yet activated/verified. If you have already done this, and this is likely true if Windows came installed with your computer, you do not need a product key. Also I wouldn't rush into installing the latest update. There are often reasons why rolling out of these updates is incremental instead of all at once, and it's usually to benefit a diverse criteria and ensure the update does not make a system unstable. You are also not missing much. Everybody gets the latest iPhone regardless of whether they are the first in the queue or the last, or whether you buy one a year after it was released. The need to have this latest update is superficial in the grand scheme of things. Windows is not disappearing anytime soon and before you know it version 2004 will become version 9999. When you look back, what benefit was there of rushing to install something because the numbers are higher than they were before? Unless you're installing this update for something critical to the operating of your computer and/or operating of something else I would wait it out.

    Most people will not benefit massively from installing the 2004 update. Of course there will be improvements and these can never not be recommended especially when updates are security/performance related. Many of course are not and simply changing in directions Microsoft are taking in terms of how Windows runs. Basically put, Microsoft are not rewriting the history of the Windows operating system in this update. In all honesty and if you look at the history of Windows you'll see that each and every new operating system they release is built off the last. So you're never getting something completely new and revolutionary. Windows NT is a very told technology which stretches back to 1993. So everything now is built on that very first release in 1993.

    Check this page out if you want to know what the 2004 update is about before you commit to manually installing it, if that is what you may end up doing. Better to know what you are installing before just potentially blindly jumping to install something because of a version number:
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I just downloaded the Media Creation Tool, but after reading all the posts in this thread, I'm in no hurry to actual upgrade the systems in my LAN. Does Microsoft continuously update the actual install files, so if I wait 30-45 days, I will get a version with a lot of bug fixes?

    Is there a webpage that lists all known issues with 2004?
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