Does closing the lid stop Windows updates completing?

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    Does closing the lid stop Windows updates completing?

    To switch off a laptop we can click on 'Start / Shutdown' or press the power button. In the event we did this when Windows was in the middle of installing updates then the update process continues to complete the installation before fully switching off and we can see this happening on the screen. In this case the installation will complete next time it is switched on.

    But what happens when laptop is set to switch off by closing the lid? In this scenario the screen cannot be seen so do the updates continue to install or is the process terminated so that it has to start from scratch again next time laptop is switched on?

    I ask because a neighbour's laptop doesn't seem to be 'keeping-up' with updates even though they are 'pushed' by Windows 10 OS. I ask myself why aren't updates being installed and I can only think that closing the lid in the middle of the update process might be the problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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    When you shutdown computer only downloaded updates are installed when you put computer to sleep no updates will be downloaded and installed.
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    Depends on what the setting is? In Power Options, closing the lid can be set to ...
    - shutdown (updating ceases, of course)
    - sleep (
    - do nothing (i.e. computer and updates keep running - I use this option when I plug my laptop into an external monitor so I can use it just like a desktop PC)
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    Thanks for replies. The laptop is set to 'Shutdown' (not sleep) when closing the lid and my neighbour doesn't stay on the laptop long enough for updates to complete. She only checks email and a little web browsing. I reckon she is inadvertently stopping Windows from updating so that it is constantly trying to install them again every time she switches the laptop on. This is causing the laptop to be slow / unresponsive. After I intervene and complete the updates the laptop is OK again.

    I'll tell her to shut down by pressing the power button instead and look at the screen before closing the lid. This way she can delay closing the lid until the laptop powers off and then the updates will complete the install process at next switch-on.
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    I cannot agree with the answers, so far. If you close the lid, and you have the power options set to switch off, anything in progress, including updates, will continue until complete, and then switch off.. The only unimportant proviso is that if it requires a restart, then axiomatically, this will happen when you start your computer again
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    I had updates not installed when i shutdown the computer only pending installation updates installed.
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