So this update (KB4532691) enrolled on me starting yesterday with a pretty odd symptom , it first manages to disable Comodo antivirus / firewall with a poping alert ribbon on screen that this program is incompatible with this build of windows and i should consult manufacturer despite it being a recent installation , then the update starts installing very slowly , then freezes at 44% then jumps to 100% and freezes again then installation fails .

What i did :

- Re-Installed Comodo

- Checked with Comodo forum but nobody else have such symptom and hinted this might be a Windows corruption

- Ran SFC /scannow (all is good)

- Deleted Updates Download Cache (fail)

- Downloaded and attempted to install it manually (fail)

P.S I do not wish to turn this thread into hell with Comodo , use X antivirus instead , just if there are other routs to solve failing updates setups . Also would be nice if someone has Comodo may confirm if the update ran smooth for him or not .