Window's update bricked my PC

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    Windows 10 version 1903

    Window's update bricked my PC

    My PC updated last night. Turned it on today and it fails to boot windows and i get the beep code for a keyboard error. I removed the keyboard and checked for bent pins but the problem persisted. Can't help but think it was the update.
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    Do you get any error messages such as Non system disk or no boot device, can you enter the BIOS on start up, if so try setting BIOS to defaults. Do you have another keyboard you could try, a friends, spare one bottom of pile in spare room?
    Some more detail would be good also.
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    Windows 10 version 1903
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    The interface On my phone is a but where I'm not sure how to reply.
    I've tried a different keyboard it doesn't make a difference. The computer doesn't boot windows and there is no video output. Only two beeps, pause, 4 beeps.
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    Did update last nite, left reboot till this am.
    PC on light was flashing. Turned off and wouldn't boot. On button indicator, no light.
    Disconnect and reconnect AC, still NG.
    Disconnect AC, held in On button, finally started.
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    Do you know which motherboard you have? Or which make of PC it is (Dell, Acer etc) and which model? If so I would check the manufacturers website (unless you have a paper manual) to see if you can find out what the error code beeps mean.
    It could be memory, or GPU, or CPU.
    If you cant find anything online that helps then if you are confident enough I would pull off the side panel, check if all fans are rotating, particularly the CPU fan as if that has failed the CPU will fail to boot to prevent overheating, if they are all rotating, switch off the PC, unplug from the wall, wait 10 mins for it to cool down, then touch a bare metal part of the case to ground yourself and remove the memory one stick at a time and re seat it, same for graphics card if it is an add in board and not CPU integrated. Check that all cables are firmly seated, especially drive cables. Once you are happy with that process, try to boot again.
    If you still cant boot try using only one stick of memory at a time and try booting. This is of course assuming you have a desktop PC, not a laptop.
    All these are basic hardware checks you can do without being too technically inclined. If you try these checks and still cant get the PC to boot, I would suggest taking it to a friend you know could help or to a PC repair shop/ center.
    It is very unlikely that the Windows update has caused this issue, more likely it is just bad timing with a hardware fault.
    Hopefully someone else will jump in with some advice if I have overlooked anything.
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    Win 10 Pro 64b 21H2 19044.1706

    Once you determine your motherboard and bios vendor, look here: If your computer beeps and fails to boot
    Has lots of info about what different vendors error beep patterns mean.
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    If you are 100% certain that the error is keyboard related, and you have tried a different keyboard with the same result it would seem that either the keyboard connection or the keyboard controller chip have failed. Of course it depends how you connect the keyboard, is it PS2 or USB? If USB have you tried a mouse in the same USB port, have you tried a different USB port, it could be a dodgy USB port or controller chip. Do you use a USB hub, if so disconnect it and retry the keyboard (even if you don't connect the keyboard through the hub).
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