Dear HeM,
NOT to be rude to any other member in here that tried to assist me with my 'issue'..but your post was one of the best/most informative post's I've ever read since I became a member in here. I'm including a snip it of a post I placed in a different message board..the great thing is now the o.s. installed on my wifes laptop is legally activated.
From different message board:
On the other message board they suggested to purchase a product key on ebay, I never even considered them for obtaining a product key for an operation system. I discovered this site:
Buy Xbox ONE Membership Deal,PSN Gift card on instead, I paid a total of $ 11.37 for the product worked great, now I'm a happy camper !!
These were their requirement's for the product key to function properly:

Please note:
1. Cannot be used to directly upgrade from an older Operating System
2. Requires a clean installation, and all prior data must be backed up
3. Does not come with free direct support from Microsoft
4. Will not allow for a change to a different model motherboard once installed