Feature update error

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    Feature update error

    In attempting to update to version 1903 there is an error:
    'Feature update to Windows 10, version 1903 -Error 0xc1420121'
    It has also downloaded the file: Windows10Upgrade9252.exe
    Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Hi, what is your current Windows build, and is Windows update working normally for that build?
    Windows key + r, winver

    How are you attempting to do the update?
    - is it offered by Windows update?
    - have you downloaded an iso, and tried to use that?
    - some other way?

    Note that if you do not wait for Windows update to offer 1903, you circumvent MS's attempt to protect PCs that may have problems with 1903.

    Have you run the built-in Windows Update troubleshooter? If not, please try that and post the result.

    Routine checks:
    Do you have at least, say, 30Gb free on C:
    Please run
    chkdsk c: /scan
    from an admin command or powershell prompt and report the result. This only checks your file system.

    If that's ok, please run
    in the same way and report the summary result.

    Do you have any AV program installed?
    If all is ok, please disable or better completely uninstall any security program you have installed and try the upgrade again.

    Recommended: before attempting any major change make sure you have a current disk image - this forum continually recommends Macrium Reflect (free); then you can recover from disaster should things go wrong. Failing that, could require a clean install.

    If it still fails, please post at least setuperr.log, setupact.log files.
    (If you don't know where these are, a quick search will help).

    More useful hints- last two posts:
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    Ver 1809 build 17763.557
    The update was offered by WU.
    I haven't downloaded an iso or tried any other way.
    I'll try Windows Update troubleshooter & get back to you.
    Yes, I have 30Gb free on C:
    I haven't run chkdsk c: /scan & this is where it gets problematic for me. Windows offered this update & I have enough work to do without attempting to fix Microsoft's problems for them.
    Is there any reason that I can't just ignore this update & get on with my work?
    Thanks for your help.
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    You should see an option to 'Download and install".

    This allows you NOT to download 1903 - to ignore it. That applies until end of service life of 1809.

    I have given you options to block Windows updates in your other thread.
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    Thank you. That's what I will do then - ignore it.
    Just one other thing - why did it download Windows10Upgrade9252.exe What is it & why did it download it?
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    Just ran WU troubleshooter which couldn't identify the problem so thanks for all your help - I'll just carry on where I left off.
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    If you are concerned about WU, then you can try the tutorial to reset Windows Update, and you can run

    from an admin or command prompt

    Ultimately if WU isn't working, you can do an in-place upgrade repair install which keeps all progs, data.
    Tutorial available.

    You will need an 1809 iso, freely downloadable.

    Note: other issues may apply if you have disabled it at any point, depending on how.
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    Thanks dalchina, I think I'll just pass on the update - life's too short.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Having some time to waste this afternoon I thought I'd give it a go.
    I removed all USB inputs
    I disabled the AV
    I ran the Update Troubleshooter - not resolved
    I ran the SSU - not resolved
    I ran DISM and SFC - not resolved
    I ran an in-place upgrade - it failed at 55%
    Only option left is to completely re-install Windows which would blitz all apps.
    This I'm not prepared to do since Win 10 is running fine & the update appears to be more window dressing than anything useful.
    So thank you all again - I'll just ignore the 1903 update.
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    That it failed on that means you don't really have a way to fix your Windows should that be necessary, other than specific targetted fixes. There would have been an error message and there will be log files, but you won't wish to pursue that.

    It is really rather important (and as you may know this forum strongly recommends) that you secure your system by using disk imaging. Then if it breaks- even if the disk fails- you can restore from your image. Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage.

    You may like to try the in-place upgrade repair (I presume you used a 1809 iso as you now have 1809 - a 1903 iso would be an upgrade attempt) at some point without accepting updates as part of the process.
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