I updated one of my PCs last week and afterward I got strange behavior from one of my applications. The PC-Doctor application on my LANBOX PC was reporting an issue for Security. Under that tab was a warning that "Your Spyware Scanner is Disabled". I looked down the list of functions and normally there are two separate entries for Spyware Protection, one for Norton Security and one for Windows Defender. The Norton Security one would show Enabled and the Windows Defender would show disabled. Unfortunately, after the Windows update the Norton Security entry is gone. Norton Security still shows as enabled for Virus Protection and for Firewall. Subsequent to that I had two other computers do the Windows update and they are now displaying the same warning with the Norton Security Spyware Protection entry missing (in both cases that is a change from before the update as with my LANBOX PC). PC-Doctor Tech Support says that if there is an issue it is not them. Last year after an update, I ran the Tweaking.com Windows Tool and I starting having major issues. I contacted the Tweaking.com Tech Support and eventually they found that Microsoft had change the manner in which they were handling some aspect in the OS and that conflicted with how Tweaking Windows Tool was fixing things and that conflict broke not just my PC but others too. So, my question for anybody who has PC-Doctor on their updated Windows 10 Pro PC, are you getting a warning that "Your Spyware Scanner is Disabled"? Does anybody have any idea why I am getting that warning?