Windows Update failure

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    After lots of attempts I managed to the laptop back to life!

    In BIOS I had the following settings:
    Security - Secure Boot Control = disabled
    Boot - Fast Boot = disabled
    Boot - Launch CSM = enabled
    Advanced - USB Configuration - Legacy USB Support = disabled

    I still didn't see a boot option, but when rebooting with ESC pressed and the USB plugged in I was able to start from USB and install Windows!
    Windows reinstalled without any problems, and I just finished running all the updates. So i'm now on build 1803!

    As per your tip I want to create a system image, before I install anything else.

    But for that I first have to create partitions, below a screenshot of Minitool Partition Wizard
    Windows Update failure-partitions.png
    What do you recommend as partitions?
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    Hi, well done. Looks like you've clean installed in an MBR configuration with NTFS. If your system supports UEFI, you might wish to reassess and use that, with the more robust and future-proof GPT file system.

    Also ensure AHCI rather than IDE is enabled to get the best out of your SSD - which you showed was enabled previously.

    (Re-installing would be easiest to achieve that).

    Partitions? Well,you only have one small SSD. Normally I'd say create a separate partition or use a second disk if available for personal data and keep that away from the OS.
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    First of all I would like to thank you for all your help and time the past weeks! I'm really to say my laptop back to life again :)

    So to make sure I don't screw up again...

    I first have to change from MBR to GPT. I found the following steps. Correct?

    •Open command prompt and type in DISKPART and press Enter
    •Then type in list disk (Note down the number of the disk that you want to convert to GPT)
    •Then type in select disk number of disk
    •Finally, type in convert gpt.

    Then I have to reinstall windows 10. So in order to do that I have to make a bootable USB with for example Rufus but then GPT partition scheme. Correct?

    Then I have to reboot with the bootable USB and install Windows 10 again? Or do I first have to remove the old Windows 10?
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    Hi, simply follow
    Clean Install Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials
    - Step 13 on is for a UEFI config.

    The key thing is that your "BIOS" supports UEFI (that's poor terminology, but good enough).

    If so, scrap what you've done, and follow the tutorial- read carefully beforehand.
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    Hi dalchina

    I finally managed to do a complete reinstall on a GPT partition, and could run all the updates to get to the latest version. Looks like everything is ok now.

    Maybe in the future i will buy a bigger ssd and put it in my laptop, but for now i´m just happy everything works again :) Thanks again for your help with this

    I took a look at my current partions and was a bit surprised to see that i now have a total of 5 partitions, all created by Windows itself…

    Below a screenshot from MiniTool Partition Wizard. Obviously i can only access the C drive, the rest is hidden. Although the other partitions are small, is there something i can do to reduce this? Or do they all serve a specific purpose?

    Windows Update failure-partitions.png
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  6. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    4 are entirely normal for a UEFI configuration.
    There's something odd about your Recovery partition (which provides automated repair and Advanced Startup options).

    The first has a name, but almost no used space. The last has no name, but about the right used space.

    If you did a clean install I would not have expected two Recovery partitions.

    Did you install build 1803?
    Try this:
    Windows Update failure-1.jpg

    This tells you if your recovery environment is ok and where your Recovery partition is.

    Then use
    List partition

    and you should be able to work out which is your active Recovery partition.

    UEFI/GPT-based hard drive partitions | Microsoft Docs
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    Yes i currently have 1803 installed

    I got this result

    Windows PowerShell
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> reagentc /info
    Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and system reset configuration

    Windows RE status: Enabled
    Windows RE location: \\?\GLOBALROOT\device\harddisk0\partition5\Recovery\WindowsRE
    Boot Configuration Data (BCD) identifier: bd90b593-ac6e-11e8-bba2-bb7782a96619
    Recovery image location:
    Recovery image index: 0
    Custom image location:
    Custom image index: 0

    REAGENTC.EXE: Operation Successful.

    PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> diskpart

    Microsoft DiskPart version 10.0.17134.1

    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.
    On computer: DESKTOP-MONKAG2

    DISKPART> list partition

    There is no disk selected to list partitions.
    Select a disk and try again.

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  8. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    You have to also use
    Select Disk n
    in Diskpart where n is probably 0 in your case.

    Find Reset Recovery Image Location in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    It looks as if the first partition is redundant - why it's there I don't know. That matches with its meaningless used space (very small).

    But the Recovery partition always has a name (not important functionally).
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    Ah ok... Then i got this!

    DISKPART> select disk 0

    Disk 0 is now the selected disk.

    DISKPART> list partition

    Partition ### Type Size Offset
    ------------- ---------------- ------- -------
    Partition 1 Recovery 450 MB 1024 KB
    Partition 2 System 100 MB 451 MB
    Partition 3 Reserved 16 MB 551 MB
    Partition 4 Primary 117 GB 567 MB
    Partition 5 Recovery 801 MB 118 GB


    By the way: I was following this guide to create a reset recovery image in case next Windows decides to stop working.
    I downloaded a new ISO from the Windows Media Creation Tool. On the ISO i could however only find a install.esd file instead of a install.wim file. Does this make any difference?
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    You can find guides on creating a winre.wim from that.

    Essentially enabling the recovery environment
    (reagentc /enable)
    means winre.wim is moved from
    (I forget which)
    to the Recovery partition.

    What you need to do to protect your Windows installation is to start using disk imaging routinely.
    Thus if your disk fails or infected by ransomware or otherwise can't be fixed, you can still recover to a previous working state.

    Macrium Reflect (free) + external storage for disk image sets.
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