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Not quite, you are never given one. What you need to do is download the exact copy of windows 10 that is on your pc and install it and skip any part that asks for the key. The windows servers have your pc config registered and will auto activate your fresh install.

If you have changed your motherboard or processor you will need to contact them. It will not work on a different win 10 version, even a minor difference.

To get the copy of the correct install media go to
Windows 10
download the tool run it (it is from the microsoft site) and follow the prompts. Oddly you select that you want media for another pc, but you will then see that you tick the auto select box to get the correct version and it tells about this being the one you need so a new key is not required.

When you make the media it may fail because of your anti-virus not letting it create auto run on the media.
This happened to me, so I had to disable my anti-virus and then turn defender off as it turned on automatically after I disabled the AV.

The way this works means you need to download the media NOW. This is incase your hdd crashs and you can't get it later. I have had to do it for 6 family computers, happily 8gb usb sticks are cheap (you only need 4gb but try and find one, lol)
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