Windows 10: Can't install Windows 10 Delta updates

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       19 Jun 2018 #1

    Can't install Windows 10 Delta updates

    Hi People,

    I'm trying to figure out a way to update offline systems on sites with low bandwidth. I downloaded updates from the Catalog, and deployed a Windows 10 image with updates from 2018-02. When I install a .msu file i use the WUSA tool from a CMD box as administrator.

    I installed the Cumulative Update (CU) from 2018-03 successfully. That should allow me to install the 2018-04 Delta Update (DU), correct?

    Well, I can't. It says the update is not applicable for the system. error code 0x80240017.

    So I try the 2018-04 CU, that is installed, np. After that I try again a DU for 2018-05, same error code, not applicable. But the 2018-05 CU does work...

    I thought I knew how the CU/DU relationship worked, but maybe its only for online updates? Cant it be done with wusa? Where is the limitation (fingers crossed its not me) ?


     install 2018-02 Windows 10 1607 LTSB x64 image.
        Apply 2018-03 DU, failed
        Apply 2018-03 CU, succes.
        Apply 2018-04 DU, failed.
        Apply 2018-04 CU, succes
        Apply 2018-05 DU, failed.
        Apply 2018-05 CU, succes.
        2018-06 not here yet :)* That was when I made the Tehcnet post, it is now!

    2018-03 CU: windows10.0-kb4096309-x64_fdfc206803fd7451cfb083c74420fda5b2754d1f
        2018-03 DU: windows10.0-kb4088787-x64_delta_4fd9c225e2f91a0ddcaa69432484b8ae613f980d
        2018-04 CU: windows10.0-kb4093120-x64_72c7d6ce20eb42c0df760cd13a917bbc1e57c0b7
        2018-04 DU: windows10.0-kb4093119-x64_delta_d851f46789316c1de0ee01b2b86eef205b043836
        2018-05 CU: windows10.0-kb4103720-x64_c1fb7676d38fffae5c28b9216220c1f033ce26ac
        2018-05 DU: windows10.0-kb4103723-x64_delta_9c58708904a7320f572dd37c484ca0a6d58ffbb7
    I tried:

     Stopped Windows Update services and renamed SoftwareDistribution folder to .old.  Restarted services and tried again.  No change.
        Ran Dism /Online /cleanup-image /restorehealth | rebooted | ran patch.
        Ran SFC /scannow .
        C:\windows\temp is empty
        Tried Windows Update Diagnostic tool.
        Taking ownership of and removing windows\servicing\sessions.
    I think this is all I tell about the issue. Anyone wanna have a go? Ill be here waiting, F5'ing.


    P.S. I also posted this issue on TechNet, but when one inaccurate reply came the thread went dead.

    P.P.S. Today I did more testing: Installed the 2018-05 CU, installed correctly. I installed all small patches (flash, removal tool etc) and the OS still cant install 2018-06 DU. When I use auto update, it even downloads the CU itself! How do I install these delta's
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    I installed the Cumulative Update (CU) from 2018-03 successfully. That should allow me to install the 2018-04 Delta Update (DU), correct?
    Not necessarily. As mentioned on the Windows Update Catalog [somewhere there] the Delta updates are only for the computers that are otherwise fully up-to-date, if in question use the other choices for the version of Win10 involved. Doing the Cumulative Update only may not meet the requirement, also need the updates that followed. When I did a clean install the other day I got Version 1803 Build 17134.1 then I needed to update to Version 1803 Build 17134.48 then to Version 1803 Build 17134.81 and finally got Build 17134.112. [Windows key plus R and type winver]
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    Hi and thanks for your time.

    In my test today I installed ALL updates I could find for my system. I did this by:
    - Installing -2018-05 CU
    - Scanning the PC for updates online with a tool that contacts the WU-API directly. From that came a list of missing updates.
    - Downloaded and installed these updates manually (Microsoft Update Catalog)
    - Scanned the PC again and the only update was the 2018-05 CU.
    - Tried to manually install the 2018-06 DU, didn't work.
    - Installed the 2018-06 just fine

    So maybe my tool missed something. I will try with another tool, to get the system in a state where it will accept the delta. Maybe WSUS offline, or do you have a suggestion?

    I will try to find the article you said about the prerequisites of a delta. I'm on my way home, and will be with my test machines Thursday morning (GMT+2) again.

    I'm working with a customer provided image of 1607 LTSB. I just installed a VM from a clean 1607 ISO so I will start testing with that as well.

    I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you want to tell me with those build numbers. I will get back with details about my version numbers Thursday.

    Thanks again!
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       21 Jun 2018 #4


    So another round of tests. (BTW, I do know what you mean with the version numbers! Duh..)
    I used two machines to test. One physical and one virtual. In installed 1607 on them, one clean (the VM), one with customer image (the physical machine).

    The VM start with 14393.0. The Pc with 14393.1944.
    I update them both with the 2018-05-CU. They both went to 14393.2273.

    The next step is 2018-06 (KB4284880 - Windows 10-Windows 2016 Build 1607 JUNE 2018). That should set me to 14393.2312 (according to this site)
    (Here the testing with the VM stopped, since it didn't have the LTSB license and it updated itself to 1803.)

    This next update has a prerequisite, KB4132216. I installed that, but didn't get to install the 2018-06-DU. Since I still cant find out what the other prerequisites of a delta update are. I WILL FIND IT!
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       21 Jun 2018 #5

    If you can get the CU updates I'd stay away from the DU. Also, I lost track of the fact that Version 1607 had reached the end of support in April.
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    Yeah, I have a very specific situation (don't we all, haha). A big part of these Windows clients are on remote locations, with very slow (sometimes even under 1 Mbit/s) and sometimes unstable internet connection. They have failover 4G, but I don't want to push too many updates over that considering the costs.

    These are production systems and I have a small window at night to install updates, so I need to control the transfer first and then trigger the installation to happen when I trigger it. Everything works perfectly so far, the transfers, the triggering of installation. Most important all the automation/scripting. All but one thing, I cant get any delta to install. Considering the bad connections of some of these systems it would greatly improve my service if I had to transfer only 50% of the MB's.

    On the 1607 part, these systems have an activated LTSB license, so they go out of support around 2026 I believe.

    Anyway, I keep searching, I keep testing all that I read, and will keep updating. Still hoping someone wondered about this before and found out what the prerequisites are of a delta update.

    I did unzip the .msu file and there were some xml's in there with the namespace 'prerequisites', but then some codes I don't understand yet. Next step is to decipher that.
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    Inside the Delta.msu i found a cab file, in the .cab i found Package.xml.
    This is the start of it:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    -<OfflineSyncPackage xmlns="" PackageVersion="1.0" CreationDate="2018-06-11T23:35:01Z" SourceId="8af5b5e4-1eb7-4fad-aac4-cb031bc3147e" PackageId="2e480543-1535-461d-a84e-ad7b6df68357" ProtocolVersion="2.0" MinimumClientVersion="5.4.3790.2191">
    -<Update CreationDate="2018-06-11T16:35:17Z" IsBundle="true" IsLeaf="true" RevisionId="2859" RevisionNumber="501" UpdateId="b7dd6586-ce2f-47af-92d3-44910062d779" DefaultLanguage="en">
    <Category Id="56309036-4c77-4dd9-951a-99ee9c246a94" Type="Company"/>
    <Category Id="6964aab4-c5b5-43bd-a17d-ffb4346a8e1d" Type="Product"/>
    <Category Id="6964aab4-c5b5-43bd-a17d-ffb4346a8e1d" Type="ProductFamily"/>
    <Category Id="b54e7d24-7add-428f-8b75-90a396fa584f" Type="UpdateClassification"/>
    <UpdateId Id="b54e7d24-7add-428f-8b75-90a396fa584f"/>
    <UpdateId Id="6964aab4-c5b5-43bd-a17d-ffb4346a8e1d"/>
    Anyone knows what the...
    <UpdateId Id="b54e7d24-7add-428f-8b75-90a396fa584f"/>
    <UpdateId Id="6964aab4-c5b5-43bd-a17d-ffb4346a8e1d"/>
    ...stands for?
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