Black screen after ‘preparing automatic repair.’ Solved

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    Black screen after ‘preparing automatic repair.’

    Hey. Yesterday my HP laptop finished updating to what I assume is the latest Windows 10 version. Everything was fine for a few hours until I shifted the pc and accidentally pulled the battery out, so it shut down suddenly. My laptop has a black ‘bar’ just below the screen that can be pulled out and pushed back in easily unless it is locked via a switch on the bottom, which it normally is. I pushed it back in, locked it, booted the computer back up.

    What it does is as follows:
    1) boots up to the HP logo and starts loading normally, but it takes much longer than usual, over three minutes maybe.
    2) when it finally ‘loads’ it displays a message that it’s preparing auto repair. Loads for a minute or two before HP logo, message, and loading circle all disappear. There is no cursor or anything to indicate it’s doing something. I’ve left the black screen on its own for hours to see if it repairs itself but it won’t.

    I’ve tried many tips for similar cases online but nothing works. Please help! Note that I made an account because of this issue so if there’s anything I shouldn’t be doing on this post I’ll be glad to fix it.
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    Hi abapsmoke. Welcome to the TenForums @abapsmoke

    I would try to get to the Advance Startup Options and restore to a previous build.

    When your machine powers on and you see the spinning dots hold the power button until the machine shuts off. Power on again, see the spinning dots, hold the power button until it shuts off.

    Power on again, this is the third time, and let it be. Windows should detect to two failed attempts and provide you with menu.

    This link takes you to the Advance Startup Options tutorial.

    Boot to Advanced Startup Options in Windows 10

    My thinking is the old version should get you going again and then from there you can update. If going back to a previous build does not work you could try some of the other options.

    Before I did any of this I would ensure my data is safe. Using this recovery disk you can boot and copy out your data.

    Windows 10 Recovery Tools - Bootable Rescue Disk

    I would also recommend you look at a product like Macrium Reflect once you are operational to Image your machine. Great for restoring a machine in trouble.

    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect

    The product is free, reliable and member recommended.
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    Thank you very much for the reply. Unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s my doing something wrong, but I’ll do the steps to boot up the ASO menu and it won’t appear. I’ll reboot three times and leave it to load at the third, but it will do the same as before except for one thing- load for a while, then seemingly reboot on its own quickly (which it didn’t do before the ASO reboots), before going directly into ‘preparing automatic repair’ followed by the black screen shortly after. Same as before, leaving the black screen alone won’t do anything.
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    As soon as you see spinning dots you hold power button until machine powers off hard.

    If it won't then do you have recovery media you can boot from and try restore.?

    Myself at this point might I might just abandon. Get my data out and then clean install. Granted more work but a better result in the end.
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    I don’t have recovery media nor can I access ASO with the forced shutdowns- I even tried pulling out the battery to turn it off quicker as soon as I saw the dots but it won’t let me into the menu, it just boots directly into the broken auto repair. I’ll have to look into sending it to a repair shop since I don’t have the means to even recover my files, hopefully they will solve the issue. Thank you for your help.
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    Microsoft offers free recovery media: Windows 10 iso:
    Download Windows 10
    This can be made on almost any computer and once it is created it can be used on most Windows computers.
    So you could have a friend, relative, neighbor, etc. make one for you or you could make one at a local public library.
    Once you have a Windows 10 iso you will have these troubleshooting options:
    a) system restore
    b) startup repair
    c) command prompt

    So you may be able to fix the underlying problem by troubleshooting.
    This can include:
    a) Using the Windows 10 iso for windows boot, drive file system, operating system repairs, etc.
    b) boot rescue
    c) testing the drive
    d) backing up files
    e) clean install after backing up files
    f) etc.
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