Windows 10: Dual Installation Activation Woes

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  1.    01 Aug 2015 #1

    Dual Installation Activation Woes

    Did a dual installation of Windows 10 per the great instructions posted by member BRINK.(Thank You)
    I started with 32bit PC running Windows 8.1 Pro which was a paid for upgrade from Windows 7 Home.
    All went well till activation.
    The windows 10 installation says it has product key ending 3V66T an installation only key. (Say's key is blocked, makes sense)
    I queried the new key from the installation & got key "A".
    When I try to change the key to A from the settings app I get "0xc004f050", invalid key.
    When I try to change the key A from the Command Line I get 0xC004F050, invalid key.
    When I go to the Windows Store, they want $199.
    Anyone got a clue?
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  2.    01 Aug 2015 #2

    Did you enter the '3V66T' key during installation? If so, that's where you went wrong. When Win10 asks for your key, you always have to skip it and after the OS is installed, and you have logged in with your MS account, Win10 will activate itself with this key. There is no need to manually enter it, because this won't work.

    I think only people who have purchased a license will need to enter the key during installation.
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  3.    01 Aug 2015 #3

    That's part off the issue.
    I DID the "SKIP IT", but the "Change Key" app (I believe) thinks it's VK7JG-NPHTM-C87JM-9MPGT-3V66T, which is a Windows generic installation key.
    When I extract the "actual" key from the installation, I get something entirely different!
    You suppose I have to install something on that partition to upgrade from?
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  4.    01 Aug 2015 #4

    I had to do a clean install on one of my laptops. It crashed after upgrading from Win8.1, but I was expecting this, because this version of Win8.1 wasn't really stable because of a fault in my registry somewhere, which I couldn't find. :)

    So, I just booted from the USB stick I made, deleted all the partitions and did a clean install. Afterwards, I had trouble activating it, but is was probably because the servers who deal with the activation had too many requests. I managed to activate it by doing the following thing:

    I opened a Command Prompt (Admin) and then used 'slmgr.vbs /ato'.

    I had to do it several times, but after four times, my Win10 was activated again. And I have the '3V66T' key on all my systems. (They are all upgrades from Win7/8.1.)
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  5.    01 Aug 2015 #5

    Did it a bunch.
    Same message " ...server says key blocked".
    I don't really know where that 3V66T key came from anyway.
    I didn't type it in.
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  6.    01 Aug 2015 #6

    Hmm, the only other information I found is this: How to activate Windows 10 build 10240
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  7.    01 Aug 2015 #7

    Hi there

    I HATE dual boots --much easier to use a VM for the Guest OS'es. !!

    However I assume the OS you were upgrading from WAS ALREADY ACTIVATED. In this case you must UPGRADE first even if you want to do a clean install.

    After the upgrade you can then do a new install - it should already be activated --if not enter your previous OS's key - not the one from the Generic install key.

    In command mode enter SLUI 3 if you have to change the key. You shouldn't need it but the command is available if you have to use it.

    If the previous OS was NOT activated or you haven't done an upgrade from an activated OS first then you've got problems.
    Why not use your W7 system to get an upgrade if the W8 one is broken.

    Don't use those web "unofficial activators". You don't know what they are doing and they'll stop working just when you need your computer. Believe me I was a BAD BOY in the past so I know. !!!

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  8.    01 Aug 2015 #8

    I guess I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
    I started with Win 7 Home which came with box & was activated.
    I purchased a Win 8 Pro Pac upgrade from M$.
    Then I got the free Win 8.1 from M$.
    All has been legit down the line.
    What exactly is your suggestion?
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  9.    01 Aug 2015 #9

    MajorTom said: View Post
    I guess I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
    I started with Win 7 Home which came with box & was activated.
    I purchased a Win 8 Pro Pac upgrade from M$.
    Then I got the free Win 8.1 from M$.
    All has been legit down the line.
    What exactly is your suggestion?
    Was the upgrade done whilst online?

    In fact can you run this and let me know the error recorded, if any?
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  10.    01 Aug 2015 #10

    The Windows 8 upgrade was done on line from a MS vendor.
    The response to your Command Line input was:
    "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.".

    One more thing.
    About 2 months ago this mobo was fried by power surge.
    When I installed the new mobo then windows 8.1 would not activate or accept the original 8.1 key or allow me to change it.
    I tried the phone activation & that was a no-go.
    I phoned MS tech & he did a remote access.
    I noticed that he ran some kind of Dos partition editing app.
    I think he made changes in that system reserve partition.
    He then had me reinstall Windows 8 from a DVD that I made.
    After installation it was already activated.
    I can't help but think that the problem might be in that system partition.

    BTW: I've uninstalled & reinstalled Win 10 several times using different media & methods with the exact same outcome.
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